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Skirts are very feminine and highly preferred. So how do we make skirt combos?
Mini skirts combinations: There are parts you can choose for your mini skirts combination. Especially for mini skirts, you can choose mini blouse. But it is also very important what your mini skirts are made of. In other words, there is a big difference between being a narrow skirt with your skirt and having a skirt.
The parts you can choose for the narrow mini skirt should be more sloppy blouses. You can make a very nice narrow skirt combination with ragged blouses. However, the skirt type flared skirts you will prefer; flared skirts should be preferred with narrower blouses, mostly in the style of a bustier. The reason for choosing blouse in this way is to break the piece.


Midi size skirt is among the skirt models you can still prefer. Even; Midi length skirts are quite popular in recent times. Midi size is classified in the skirts itself. There are skirts that are narrow in the mini size skirts. There are skirts with flared. If you prefer narrow skirts from midi length skirts; You can choose a mini blouse on top of it and you can choose a piece like a bustier on it. On top of this, again this season, we are proposing to use a very long fashion season. If you prefer skirt as a skirt; You should prefer blouses on your skirt that are more closed and you can put them in your skirt. Again, there is a benefit of narrowing your blouse. However, if you are in winter; We suggest you wear socks underneath your mid-length skirts even if it is narrow or kloş. The socks you use will not have to be opaque socks. You can even use socks if you want. You can choose your shoes from stiletto style boots or directly from stiletto shoes.


I think skirts are one of the most suited clothes for a woman. There are no women who do not wear skirts, let’s just know the model that suits our body type and combine them with the right parts. Today’s topic is also the secrets of using skirts that will grow in the spring months.

Maxi Skirt: Maxi skirt models that extend to our wrists are on the agenda of fashion again this season. We will celebrate our cupboards with colorful options. The maxi skirts can be easily combined with a basic flat t-shirt. We should use patterned models with plain-colored short blouses. Underneath and caged shoe models, the fill heels will be very stylish. A small tip for short-lived women; The long cuffs will show you a click longer in appearance.


Pencil Skirt: You can wear a pencil skirt with a coat. These duals provide an effortless and stylish image, especially for office chic. If you have too much weight, you can easily wear it with the pencil coat. For a finer silhouette, your jacket, pencil skirt and blouse can be in the same color or tone. Those who do not have weight problems can wear their short jackets with pencil skirts.

-Wear peplum tops. Peek jackets or blouses are a great choice for pen skirts. Whether you are overweight or weak, complain about your pimp tops with a pencil skirt, you have a classic hourglass image. Your lines will look smoother.


-Wear short tops. The pen skirts are a good twin with short tops (Crop Tops) as they are the high waist. But you have to be careful that the piece you wear here is not too short. Because the pen skirt is very attractive and a piece of feminine, does not need much detachment

-Always wear with high heels. The wearing of these skirts with shoes without shoes in the style of babet and babet creates a contrary appearance to the nature of pencil skirt… The pen is a part where the skirt feminine dominates and it must be crowned with absolutely heeled shoes


-Wear it with a sweatshirt. The current sweatshirts are very stylish. Wearing feminine pieces is a very popular trend. Especially sweatshirts worn with pen skirts are one of the most preferred combinations.

-Put a belt on your pen case. If you have a thin waistline, do not hesitate to emphasize this when wearing a pen skirt. I would recommend thin belts for this, but be careful that your belts have the same tongue as your skirt.

-Wear pencil skirts with sweaters. It is a nice alternative for winter as well as a very trendy combination … You can wear lightly draped models with your pencil skirt, taking care not to be too long.


Mini Skirt: Outfits that are not out of fashion for women are important. These clothes are every survival savior. Blazer is a jacket, a white shirt, and no mini skirt fashion. The mini skirt, which young women, as well as young girls, can not give up, is a piece that can be worn in many ways. It is one of the comfortable pieces that can be preferred for women especially in summer months.

Everyone wants to be a proper physician and every physique does not fit every outfit. For some clothes, physiology is big. The mini skirt is one of the pieces that everyone can not wear eyes on. It is a fact that you have to have a proportional physique that can be called properly to wear mini skirts. It is recommended that people with excesses in the basal and umbilicus areas stay away from the mini skirt. The mini skirt worn with thick legs will show an image that does not look much like being fashionable. Short-lived women should pay attention to the shoe selection when choosing a mini skirt. Instead of long gowns, they can complement this combination with shoes and heels.


Mini skirts can be sport or classic. You can use both in many places. You can pick up your seat in the top row in the race of chic with the combinations you choose according to the medium.

-If you are wearing a sports mini skirt; you can wear a t-shirt with a pen on it and you can also complete it with a blouse with a chiffon. Sports mini skirt is useful for many places. You will be able to use this item which you can wear with a strapless pen on the beach in daytime and on a cruise or shopping. You can put your sports favors on your shoes, sneakers or heels with slippers and shoes depending on your wishes and sleep.


-If you are wearing a classic mini skirt; you will also be able to work with the combine, the arrow, and the walk. The classic mini skirt that will provide a wider range of usage for women will fit perfectly with a silk blouse. A black mini skirt can also be combined with a black silk blouse. The skin colored pointed nose shoes you will wear under will add elegance to the weight of black. In the summer months, you can choose from a broader range of skirts that you can choose from. The beauty of a sunny summer day’s energies is unparalleled, with a narrow white mini skirt and a colorful, floral chiffon blouse. You will draw attention to your shoe with the shoes you choose from the tones in your chiffon blouse.

-If you are wearing bell fabric mini skirt; you should definitely complete this combination with a narrow top. You will catch the harmony with a contrasting colored babet, where you will take a narrow cowl underneath the pattern of the forehead!


Flouncy Skirts: Flounce skirts are also on the agenda this season. When choosing these skirts we should choose the simplest blouses as possible. We have to soften the model, which is already moving at the bottom, to some extent at the top. We must stay away from frilly, lacy blouses. The model will do better if we use these skirts with high heels. We have to be more minimalistic in our accessory preference and we should not escape to exaggeration.

Straight Narrow Skirt: The hip is a model that a wide range of women can choose. Depending on the usage, we can combine them with motifs and detailed blouses from a front and patterned shirts. Our shoe choice can also be shaped for day or night use. We can add motion to the combi with extravagant and bulky sleeves.


Long Skirt Models: The latest skirts from the 70’s to the daytime, the latest skirts trended in 2010 and the last season are the maxi skirts with the other name, the mysterious skirts with style and promise that can be used all seasons without any season fashion. By combining your single long skirt with different outfits, you can capture more than one style.It looks modern, stylish and elegant. How to combine the skirt with your long skirt choice to have such a look? With hidden little detail, you can create a great style that is reflected in the whole by the attention.It looks modern, stylish and elegant. How to combine the skirt with your long skirt choice to have such a look? With hidden little detail, you can create a great style that is reflected in the whole by the attention.The longer the shorter the rule, the longer the skirts indispensable rule. As the length of the combined skirt increases, the upper side should have a narrower and shorter appearance. The combination with V-necked blouses, zero-arm badges or half-arm badgers will add a more positive style to the use of long skirts.

The colors you use to make the long skirt combination, never exceed 3. You can create a style with contrasting colors, as you will catch harmony with close-to-color choices. For example, you can create an elegant atmosphere with the orange color that adds vitality to your combined outfit, which you use in coffee tones, or you can use your mint green border with your short jeans jacket on a white badge. The shoe color is the same color as the skirt reveals a magnificent image.


As an accessory, you may prefer sharp shirts. In winter you can combine your skirt with a thick belt on a long cardigan. Accessories such as large and sleek jewelers, berets, hat glasses are indispensable options for long skirt selections.

Leather Skirt: The leather continues every season in the winter season of 2016 to be among the designers and parts that famous brands can not give up. The leather skirts which are among the trend parts of the winter season are stylish and ambitious, so we attract the attention of the ladies. The leather skirts have different styles It allows us to create.


The ladies with a thin waist and wide hips prefer the skirts which are piled and expanding downwards to reach the desired image easily. The patterned skirts of the skirts are very suitable for concealing the basal region and the skirts should be kept on top of the knitwear. Leather skirt models are the skin skirt model that women should prefer.The leather skirts have striking colors in this sense. We can combine leather skirts with distinctive color options with simple blouses and shirts. The desired color can be easily combined with the skirt of a skirt.

Leather skirt combination is the last complement shoes.Which we are on cold winter days, black socks and black boots and skin skirts can be created comfortably. We can make long skirts combine with short skirts and we can get a nice image.While skirt models finished in the skirts, accessible.It is possible to make a leather jacket or jeans jacket combination on leather skirts. The black leather jacket on top of the leather skirts will be a complementary piece. It is possible to get a stylish look by combining leather skirts with side zippered leather jackets.


Midi Skirt: You can make nice and nice combos with Midi skirt. Midi is very important in choosing wedding dresses according to your physique. The person who will make the skirt preference of the midi should be very long leg length first. If leg length is short, midi size will show shorter skirt legs. For this reason, people with long legs should choose mid-size skirts. Midi-length skirts are skirts that are too risky and cut length. Pay attention to the choice of shoes for this. Banded shoes should definitely not be preferred. Because he will cut the boy. Midi bridal gowns also include both koşş models and narrow models. Narrow models are riskier than closure models. Because of the narrow skirts and a hip pillar will be obvious. For this reason, people with a bigger hip and a larger hip should not choose narrow skirts.

Jeans Skirts: Some of the clothes in women’s wardrobe that are considered savior protect their validity every semester. One of these denim skirts has the ability to be worn in almost any environment. Comfortable use, eye-catching elegance, and elegance, sports or classical simplicity make jeans skirts the preferred choice. Jean skirts can be worn comfortably both in summer and winter.


How to Make Jeans Skirt Combination?

Basic t-shirts are ideal for those who want to grab a freestyle with denim skirts. Especially with a torn jeans skirt and basic t-shirts, a style that is quite free and eye-catching is caught. This combination can be completed with sports shoes, leather babet, and leather wristbands. Sneaker shoes can also be used in preference to shoes for a different weather. With this combination, a minimal street style is created.

The best suggestion for those who want to add a feminine look to the sports image of jeans is the jeans skirts combined with the shirts. It can be quite stylish with a white or baby blue shirt.The jeans are known as “den den ten denim” can be applied on jeans. It is possible to catch this fashion with a jeans shirt with a calf down on a denim coat and a chest-bottomed shirt. These complementary shoes are heeled shoes, which are the symbol of elegance. The color preference of the shoe can be shaped according to both the season and personal preferences. However, under this combination, the shoe color that protects every validity is the nude color shoe.The denim skirts, which can be worn comfortably in the spring with thin socks and without socks in summer, are fully compatible with opaque socks in autumn and winter. Short boots and knitwear to choose from underneath can be captured in an impressive combination.


Pillow Skirts: You can combine long-sleeved shirts with shirts, long t-shirts and short tops that are the most trendy piled skirt models of this summer. If you are short, you can take advantage of your long skirt with a high-heeled shoe. Longer ladies can complete this combination with sandals or shorts.Midi size skirts are extremely popular this season. By combining your mid-size furred skirt with a shirt or plain teaser you can make it look stylish in street fashion.You can catch the shore fashion blouse by combining your mini and high waisted pants with crop top tops. Completing this stylish combination with the straw hat, sunglasses and sandals will add a certain elegance to you.Pillow skirts in a private night or in your pavilion You can accomplish a sleek look at special nights by complementing your flared skirt with a high-heeled skirt with high-heeled shoes, a black T-shirt, and a ballerina ball.

You can get a very stylish and modern look with all these skirt models.

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