Suggestions for well-groomed ladies

One of the main problems of the ladies is the unwanted hair .. Every woman wants to have a smooth cotton-like skin. In addition to ladies, in recent years men have resorted to a variety of ways to search for a solution of unwanted hair.

The main thing you need to be aware of when taking your fur is to take root from the fur and solve the problem from the root and not to break the fur. One of the ways of getting rid of the unwanted hair is to attach the hair quickly in epilepsy with the wax and it breaks while being pulled and the desired results can not be obtained. The broken fur comes back again and again because of the fracture and the deformed and irregular shape, which gives no pleasant image. The most effective way to say goodbye to your fur is epilator machines. Epilators consist of dozens of tweezer-like structures.

 With epilators, you get the root without breaking the hair, so you get the result you want. With the help of today’s well-developed epilators, you can get relaxed freedom of movement and get your hair out of the way without breaking your hair. An average of 78,000 feather beds, feathers are found in the legs and underarms of a woman.
The total number of feathers in the body is inherited and does not change. It does not increase or decrease, it does not decrease and multiply. But they will grow over time and reach visible dimensions. The rate of elongation of the fur varies with the feather zone but generally extends as much as 0.6 mm per
 It is necessary to pre-clean and moisturize the area where the fur will be taken .

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