How to Treat Women’s Foot Fungus Treatment

 Foot mushroom is one of the diseases of today. This is sometimes caused by the choice of the shoe from the stricken source and often the wrong shoes. Apart from this, cleaning and maintenance also have an important place in this issue.  Foot mushroom therapy can be treated primarily with terbinafine for two weeks. In this case, foot care and cleaning are very important. In addition to this treatment, drug therapy should be used in the treatment of foot fungus infections and should be maintained on a daily basis for a certain period of time.
Proper drug use is very important in this context. You will misuse it and it will be very effective in spreading the mushroom as well as the medicine. Foot mushroom therapy is also a vegetative aspect. First of all, there are hundreds of useful apple cirks that are also very useful in this regard. It would be very helpful if you keep your feet in the evening with an apple circulating water. You can also treat with the help of cotton.Foot fungus In addition to apple cirks, rice flour is also an important treatment method. The mixture with apple juice and rice flour can be applied to the feet. After waiting for a while, it will be quite useful to take care and care. This should be maintained for about 2 or 3 weeks. Carbonate is also a very effective treatment for foot fungus infection. Carbonate can be mixed with water and boiled. White vinegar, tea tree oil, thyme oil are other herbal treatment methods

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