Makeup Tips and Suggestions to Your Beautiful Brides

Like every young woman’s dreams, you are going to marry with your man and he is crazy for you. So, of course, you need to be seem perfect when the day comes. We tried to be explanatory as much as we can in this article you are going to read. We want to be with you and we want you happy. First you will read about your make-up clues and then we will try you make you feel relief with the last part of the article. Yes! Now, you can start to read your beneficial tips!

Very special tips about makeup for bride to be:


ideas about bridal makeup

1- What should be the correct makeup of the bride?

First of all, makeup should look as natural and beautiful as possible. It is very important to choose the correct foundation according to the structure of the bride’s skin and the color tone. You can take your eyes to the foreground with an eyelash that is fitted with an eyelash and eye shape. Avoid eye-makeup especially dense nacreous eye shadows. I recommend you to use the eyeshadows that are satin and matte. You should use lip liner before lipstick. It will also ensure that applied lipstick is more permanent and that the lips look fuller and smooth. My advice about tones for lips, is depending on your wish about your eye make-up as it is intense or light. If eye makeup is obvious, we recommend that lips are colored with pink, pale pink and mink tones. If eye makeup is light, lips are preferred with red, coral and pink tones.

2- What should be considered to prepare face make-up before the wedding day?

Women should start make-up for a week ago before their wedding day. So they can get the best result. The applications I recommend are as follows. Do not wear foundation cream to your skin unless you need it. Get rest your skin. Wash your face with cold water every day. You will make your skin more vigorous. If you have swelling and bruising under the eyes, always use caffeine-containing eye creams. Caffeine-containing creams narrow the veins under the eyes and reduce the accumulation of fluid under the eyes. You will not be able to reduce bruises and swelling at this point. I can recommend M.a.c’s fast response eye cream product which I find successful in this matter. You should definitely peel your skin the day before your wedding day. Do not forget to use your moisturizer which is suitable for your skin type day before the night.


ideas about wedding makeup

3- Does the make-up change according to the wedding dress, if so, what kind of changes might they have?

A make up application should be preferred as suitable for the color, style and style of the bride. If the style of the bride is simple and far away from flashiness, the make-up style should be more innocent and natural. If you think of the exact opposite way, if the bride’s style is decorated with wide décolleté and stones, the make-up style should be appealing and assertive. Suppose bride’s dress is in alternative colors other than white. In this case, the make-up application should be chosen from the colors of headlight and lipstick, absolutely brilliant coloring.


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4. Which part is most important in the makeup of the bride?

A bride make-up’s most important part is the eye area. But we should consider the makeup of the bride as a whole. The thing which is important to the skin, eyes, eyebrows and lip areas is to put on makeup that fits on the bride’s anatomy. One of the mistakes when we usually see at the makeup of the bride is that the make-up application made is inconsistent with the face lines of the person. If your eyes are low, choose a makeup application that will make your eyes stand up. If you have large facial features in the same way, your facial line should be narrowed to the appropriate size with proper shading techniques. With professional makeup techniques, you have a chance to correct all your flaws. You should use it as the best way.


top tips for perfect bridal makeup

5-What are the secrets of closing sun spots, traces and unwanted spots on the skin?

Sunscreen, acne and other stains on your skin should be closed. In that way, before applying your foundation cream, you should use a foundation cream which is two tones of dark with a foundation cream brush. We suggest that as an intense cream which has intense closing to your skin. You can minimize stains by applying the foundation cream you used as daily.

6- Is there a special mixture, cream etc. that you use especially for chapped lips in the winter days?

We had a look and liked the performance on make-up brands to prevent lip chaps. And also lip moisturizers are available. M.a.c. tinted lip conditioner spf 15 is one of these products. Shea oil which it contains is very effective in the treatment of chapped and dry lips. It also protects your lips from harmful effects of the sun thanks to the SPF 15 protection factor. Another lip moisturizer is that we have found successful for you is moisturizing lip balm, which you can obtain from the Makeup Forever brand. The macadamia oil in it softens quickly to treat and repair the lips. We would recommend both products to those who have problems with cracking and dryness on their lips.


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7-What should you do to make up for persistence throughout the day and to maintain its freshness?

These are the durability and freshness that you need to keep to a maximum level. You can use the eyeshadows that are creamy and liquid in order to prevent the headlamps from being collected and dispersed. Apply the eyeshadow cover with a brush and start your eye makeup. Paint pot – Painterly and Makeup for ever – Eye prime. You can use foundation bases and stabilizing spray to make the foundation cream to stay on your skin for long hours without tearing, staying intact, and more permanent. I would recommend the Prep + Prime Skin product from M.a.c’s successful foundation bases. I would recommend the Prep + Prime Skin product from M.a.c’s successful foundation bases. If we look at the features, it balances color differences in your skin. It also increases the permanence of the foundation tremendously thanks to the silicone in its contents.  If you want to get the best result; Apply your moisturizer 30 minutes before applying foundation to your skin. Afterwards, take a small amount of foundation and apply it to your skin with the help of a brush. After 5 minutes you can start practicing your foundation. In the course of the day you can refresh with a ultra-transparent powder against oiling in the cylinder. Suggested product Makeup forever hd powder. You can choose permanent lipsticks to increase the permanence of lipsticks. Lipsticks in a matt construction are more durable than other lipsticks. It is available in liquid makeup lipstick, which can be found in cosmetic brands for a long time.

The secrets of perfect beauty on a wedding day:

You have reserved the wedding venue eight months before, you bought your wedding dress four months before. The invitations, the decoration of your new home… Everything is ready. And you! Now is the time to forget everything and concentrate on your flawless beauty on that very special day.


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1. Your lashes

Choose water-resistant mascara for your wedding day; both of this happiness is not affected by tears, but also lasts longer. If you do not like the image or feel, give it a second coat of normal mascara, then go to the second solid water-resistant mascara.

2. Apply the eye pen

Coal, dark blue or mahogany, the best color options for eye pencil. If your wedding will be a day or an open space, black or brown will escape too much.

3. Make It Bright

If your skin is light, use white shade on your brow bone. For darker skin, warm and light peach tones or vanilla will be appropriate.


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4. Give shape

Contour your eyes, but avoid using dark colors so your eye color does not disappear with make-up.

5. Your eyebrows

Make your eyebrows sharp with a pencil or an eyeshadow that matches your hair color.

6. Your eyes must shine

If your eyes look tired and red, use a relaxing eye drop. It’s a product you have used before; Do not encounter an unpleasant surprise on your wedding day.


ideas about coral eye makeup

7. Sweet cheeks

A piece of color that will put your cheeks in a blush will create an immediate stretch effect.

8. No panic

Keep your hands away from your face if you are about to get acne in your face before the wedding. If you do not touch them, they will heal faster. If the acne is already out, you can make a cortisone needle if it suggests that you look dermatological. The little monster will go as it comes.

9. Mix and bow!

Especially distribute the makeup on the corner of your eyes. Photograph machines are the master at searching and finding these lines.


best bridal makeup suggestions

10. See in the right light

Make-up in natural light gives much better results. Your makeup should be done in a place like window sill, if possible, in daylight. Otherwise, ensure that there are very bright, halogen-like lamps in the environment.

11. Sit upright

If you’re preparing at the hotel, ask for a bar chair. It would be useful to be at eye level.

12. Watch out for the bride dress!

Take care not to apply foundation to your neckline; your bouquet may be stained.


best bridal makeup tips

13. Apply Makeup Protector

If the wedding invitation is an open space, use a moisturizer with SPF 30. If you are unconscious, you may give unwanted results in unnecessary pink photos.

14. Lighten yourself!

Choose lipstick in light tones. Matte or brown tones will lead to a weary appearance, especially when you are wearing white. If you use lipstick in natural tones in your daily life, apply a layer of pink or rose-colored lipstick under the same lipstick. If your daily preference is darker, continue to do this and make it more distinctive by rubbing a pink on the clearer end.


ideas about bridal eye makeup

15. Get your lipstick with you

If you have used different lipstick shades during your makeup, have a quality lipstick on your wedding day. It will do a lot of work when you need to retouch.

16. Do not hide your teeth when you smile

Even if you have the softest lips and a great lipstick tone, even if your teeth are yellow, you will be smiling and afraid. Make an appointment with your dentist a few months before the knee and try to whiten your teeth. You will not believe the difference!


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17. Hair is made, prepare the area!

A desk with mirror, mirror and toilet table will be more than enough to see your work when you do your hair. The back of the chair should also be low so that you can do the hairdressing work easily.

18. Lighten your hair

Apply your full day care to your hair. A professionally made head skin massage allows you to feel good, as well as collecting your body by activating the hair sacs. Get your hair in form treatment a week before the wedding.


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Take your favor

The way to solve the troubles that may occur when the big day arrives is to be prepared. Fill in a make-up bag about a week before your wedding day with what you need from the following and hand it over to your mother or one of your friends. Aspirin, bandage, bottled water, mint sugar, chalk, colorless nail polish, linen rags, eyelashes, hair spray, buckle, hand towel, fabric band, mirror paste, nail file, quick A drying adhesive (for breakable nails and shoe heels), a hook, a pipette (to drink a few sips without ruining your lipstick), talcum powder, paper tissue …

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