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As you know women are always want to be seemed as perfect as they could. They effort too much for their look. You can see this picture since the ancient times. They adore using colors on them like in their clothes, shoes or finally in their faces. They believe that this effort makes them seemed as attractive. Make-up covers the most part of this effort. When you see a person in the streets just when you are walking through somewhere they first look at your face. So, this is the part that you should care for more. There are many makeup styles that could go with your style and your face shape. You can find these various styles in every woman care websites on the internet. You can watch the videos that are available to you and find some clues about what point you should take your attention on it. But we are going to talk about the part that determines your attractiveness.  And now, the point is if you want to be a charming woman you should paint your lips. This is the basic rule to be an attractive woman since the first age. Now you can see the selections from MAC collection. Only you need to do is to read carefully.


Selections from MAC Matte Lipstick Collection

Now we are going to show you three lipsticks that are in the collection of MAC Matte Lipstick. In this collection, there are 8 lipsticks, 6 lip pencils and 3 brushers that we are talking about. Our recommendations are Pander Me, Nouvelle Vogue and Fashion Revival that we know you will love them, too. In addition to these lipsticks are the products of this collection; Pander Me, Nouvelle Vogue and Fashion Revival have the same packaging as lipsticks in the permanent series of MAC.

We thought that although they are matte structured they do not look like they are 100% matte. They give a very slight glow that is not that clear as you can see at the first time quickly. They have neither dry nor wet structure. They do not dry your lips like other matte lipstick in other brands, but we cannot say they are too moisturizing at all. It is just in the perfect form. Their pigmentation is fine enough that we can say you will love it.  


The Matte Lip Collection of MAC brand is still on sale at MAC Online and it does not have any products that are currently running out. The price of lipstick is approximately changing between 20-30 dollars. In Mac Online website you can see other colors that you probably love to just have a look at them.

Did you sometimes notice that when you apply a lipstick to your lips your teeth look yellow or white? This is due to the fact that lipsticks are cold and hot lower tones. Cold (blue) lower toned lipsticks reflect the light and show your teeth whiter. But this situation may also make a difference when comparing with your own lower skin tone. This winter claret red lipstick began to leave its place in red lipstick. We have also assembled red lipsticks that have blue lower toned suitable for winter!


1. MAC – Russian Red

MAC Russian Red is a perfect matte lipstick. Its pigmentation is more intense as it could be. For this reason, you can get the color that you want only in one layer. MAC Russian Red is a perfect product that is famous with its persistency is quite high. And it is also opaque matte finish.


2. Kiko – 07 Cherry Red

It’s a half matte lipstick. Its persistency is as high as you eat or drink. If we compare Kiko – 07 Cherry Red with MAC Russian Red lipsticks, Kiko would have pigmentation between middle and high. You cannot possibly find the performance that you have experienced with MAC Russian Red lipstick. Before applying, you may need to peel off your lips, get rid of the dead parts of your lips and you should use a moisturizer. As you see in this picture, you do not have to apply moisturizer to your lips with MAC.


3. Revlon – In the Red 007

This is a matte structured lipstick like the other ones that we are comparing in this part. It has a tile reddish color. You can also find this color tone in MAC Matte Lipstick Collection. And Revlon – In the Red 007 is tried to been equalized with Ruby Woo lipstick which is in MAC brand. It is medium pigmented. Its persistency is medium. Again when we see the picture we think that we should choose the first one.


4. Guerlain Garconne Rouge – G 25

This product is more comparable with MAC Russian Red lipstick. As you can guess it is also a matte lipstick. It is also high pigmented. This lipstick is moisturizing and has a soft sense. This product’s persistency is in the medium degree, too.  But we should accept that its case is quite striking and stylish. It is an obvious thing.


5. MAC – Ruby Woo

As you see we put the lipsticks that are in MAC collection in both start and finish. We should say that MAC – Ruby Woo is a substantially matte lipstick. We suggest you that it is a good idea to moisten your lips before using it. It has a live red color that we know you can’t wait to get one of them. It is a high pigmented lipstick that has also high persistency. What does it mean is whatever you do nothing can avoid it even if you fall into a puddle. The last thing is that it is opaque matte finish.

How To Show Your Teeth More White?

It is often difficult to have white teeth. Especially if your type of bone is not available, it becomes very difficult for your natural teeth to be white. But this is also possible with make-up!

I can hear you say what make-up cannot make it possible. Obviously, I do not know the answer to this question either.  I want to give you lipstick colors that will show your teeth whiter immediately without going on with praising the make-up.


Pale pink

The mildly sparkling, pale pink will show whiter than your teeth. This lipstick, which will be especially suited to white skin, is also very good with your heavy eye make-up.

Lipstick recommendation: We suggest you to use Nutcracker Sweet Matte Lipstick in MAC Matte Lipstick collection. You can find these perfect products in every cosmetic shop around you.

MAC Retro Matte Pink lipstick will also make your teeth seem whiter than your tone. This product which is in the Matte Collection both moisturize your lips and make you seem perfect because of it is matte.


Bright Pink

Now, we are going to show you a lipstick which is not matte. But it is also a good way to show your teeth whiter. This non-matte lipstick is not in the MAC collection. But we find this product worth to share. The light pink pebbles will also show the teeth whiter.

Lipstick Recommendation: The lipstick number 6 from the Rouge Volupte Shine line from the YSL brand is just as pink as we have described. You can also find this brand from every cosmetic shop around you. You can find it easily.

The Speed Dial lipstick, which is only available to buy from Mac stores and Mac’s online store, is pink, shows your teeth more white. It is a color without risk.


Matte Pink

Most of the matte pinks are blue toned bottom. The blue sub-tone shows your teeth whiter. Before applying matte lipstick, you should be careful that your lips are smooth. At first there is a benefit to moisturize your lips.

Lipstick Recommendation: You can easily buy one of the pink toned lipsticks that are on the collection of MAC Matte Lipstick. We are sure that you will be satisfied.

As you see, we talked about many issues that are important to you as a woman who wants the perfect line of yourself. First we talked about a presentation of MAC brand’s Matte Lipstick collection. And we give some advices about how you can use them on your style. After these suggestions we compared some products of other brands to see which one you should choose. In this list, we put MAC products in the first and the last choices by knowledge. After this comparing we wanted to mention you about how you can show your teeth more white. We know that it is a very important point especially for you as a working woman. In business life it is so important what you seem. Even people speak to you more gently when you wear a proper clothe as they want. You should consider these points when you are preparing to go to your job. Now, to get the point again, you can see all the colors or tones of matte lipsticks on MAC’s online website. In this website there are many information about the products that is probably helpful enough for you.

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