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Special Styles for Special Occasions

Party Make-up in 4 Steps

If you are looking for a special make-up style for a special occasion you are exactly at the right place. You decided to stay away from the dark winter colors and head to the trendy vibrant colors of the season. What about your makeup? Leave it to us!

Party make-up

Only you need to do to make-up easily, choose the right products and follow the steps we have prepared for you!

Step one:

Make your eyes clear with Master Precise Eyeliner.

Step two:

Get the long eyelashes with Rocket mascara.

Step three:

To shadow your eyes, use earth color tones of Diamond Glow four eye shadow.

Step four:

Color your lips with a pink tone of Superstay lipstick.


Step-by-Step Attractive First-time Make-up

Is there a new date with the new year? Take a look at our recommendation for a simple and attractive look!

It’s your turn

With this simple yet attractive makeup, you can have an effortless beauty.

Step one: Primer

Primer is extremely important for smoothing the skin. Perfect for filling thin lines, reducing the visibility of pores, and for longer lasting make-up.

Step two: BB cream

By choosing BB cream instead of foundation cream, you can get a more natural look.

Third step three: Concealer

Concealer is a multipurpose product that will save you time by making it easier. Quickly move the concealer under the eyes and feed with the bumper movements. Get a bright skin by applying on the nose, laughing lines and on the lips.


Step four: Blusher

Apply a peach-colored blusher gently to the cheekbones to get a lively look.

Step five: Eye Shadow

Apply a dark brown eyeshadow to the eyelids. Drive with the oblique angled brush on the same foliar lower eyelid.

Step six: Shiner

Finally apply a nude pink shiner on your lips.

The Most Beautiful Make-up Recommendations: Valentine’s Day Special

There is not much time for Valentine’s Day. You may want to take a look at the most gorgeous make-up styles that are most appreciated by those who have a special plan under the pretext of today.

It’s your turn

If you still have a look at the 14th of February, you can catch up with our list!


1) The attraction of red lipstick

Red, color of love and passion! If you want to be attractive as a fire, you can first frame your lips with a red pen and then apply red lipstick. Transparent paste can also give dullness, you can guarantee durability.

2) Eyeliner charm

This miraculous product, which has been used since the 1960s to achieve an elegant and charming appearance, will bring you to the summit of the Valentine’s Day. If you need advice to take your eyeliner perfectly, let’s take you here.

3) Claret red lipstick’s sexual attraction

If you think you should not add a little bit of vamp salt to your love, you might think of the striking burgundy lips as an alternative to simple skin and eye make-up. For best results draw a frame with a burgundy lip pencil, paint the inside, and apply the rubbing on it and dullness with transparent paste.

4) Magic of nature

In general, those who do not like to make up too much can fall into the trend of the nude trend of the season, combine black eye shades with natural pink tones. Your boyfriend, who is not accustomed to make-up, will love this light but effective look!

5) “Light” is the magic of smokey eyes

Those who love to be mysterious and to express a lot with their looks, you can make a smoky eye makeup using brown tones to get magical looks without exaggerating. Here are the subtleties of smoky makeup without being seen like Panda! In the meantime, if you complete the eye makeup with a beige colored lipstick, it will be in your full attention.


We wish you to love, passion, beauty and joyful days!

Festival Guide: Transport the concert spirit with pop colors to your lips

How about carrying the festival spirit to your lips? You can be the most stylish girl of the festival by using pop colors which are very fashionable this season! We look forward to using these vivid colors!

Step one: We recommend that you keep your skin absolutely natural as we will choose a vivid lipstick to match the festival spirit. For this, you can complete the skin makeup with a blusher with a enlightening base and a light peach tone.

Step two: For not flee to the exaggeration in the eyes, it will be a beautiful whole with lips. You can apply a little amount of white eyeshadow to your lower eye lashes, you can have bright eyes. Then complete the eye make-up by applying two layers of mascara.


Hint: Putting a white eye shadow under the curves of the eyebrows makes your eyebrows more uplifted.

Step three: In this make-up style we give intensity to the lips and we are pretentious. We recommend that you choose a matte orange color that will go super with the color of the festival environment. You can apply a transparent powder before lipstick and enjoy the durability during the festival. Have fun!

Graduation Ceremony: Gatsby Effect!

Summer months, host of special nights … We are here to stay in the gap between the upcoming graduation date and the passing fuss! If you cannot decide what kind of make-up to apply or if you want to know how to do it, it would be useful to follow our steps.

Step one:

To make perfect of your skin make-up, first apply some enlightening base to your skin. Then you will need two foundation creams. One of them should be in the color of the skin, and the other one should be two shades darker than the contouring process. Apply the skin color with the help of a large brush. Apply the one darker than your skin to your nasal bone and just below the cheekbones in lines and make sure the two colors are thoroughly mixed with a clean brush. Transparent paste is the last touch and your skin make-up is complete.


Step two:

We came to the most important part of this shiny and glamorous make-up. For this step; Prepare three colors eye shadow and eye pencil which contains the colors of golden yellow, salmon / puppy mouth and smoked. Apply white pencil to your lower eyelashes bottom. After the transparent powder is applied to the eyelids, apply the salmon color eyeshadow as base.

Then take care not to forget the part underneath the brows and apply your eyebrow with the help of the brush, so that the smoked brow will have a form of a horizontal triangle on the outer end parts of the eyelids.

Brush over the colors until they become a graded state. Apply your eyeshadow which goes from golden to yellowish by shaping of a cat eye, to the middle of the lower eyelashes. Finally, complete the eye makeup with voluminous mascara and, optionally, eyelash steps.

Special for Weddings: Metallic Make-up Trend

Bronze from gold … Would you like to have two colored eye make-up?

Whenever we look for a metallic eye make-up, we get an indescribable excitement. Nothing could ever remind us of party time until a brilliant eye make-up! Metallic makeup trend is a favorite of ladies in recent times. We can see the rapid rise of metallic colors from clothes to shoes, from nail polishers to eye shadows.

Most of the ladies use the metallic colors with the bright and vivid appearance. Metallic eye shadows, lipsticks and eyeliners are also influenced by this trend because fashion trends include make-up. Today we share the tips of making an impressive metallic make-up.

How to Make Metallic Make-up?

Metallic make-up is no different than a normal make-up. Only the colors that are used are bright and have a symmetrical appearance. We can say that ambitious ladies are very trendy in terms of this feature.

You can apply metallic make-up as lipstick, eye shadow and eyeliner as a whole, or just as an eyeshadow. If you want to make a remarkable make-up, you can choose complex metallic colors.

However, if the goal is to be seemed as an attractive woman, then you can achieve the desired effect by applying metallic colors only as an eyeshadow. Because of that most of women prefer metallic eye make-up, we will explain below how you will make the metallic eye make-up, for you.


Metallic Eye Make-up

To make the metallic eye make-up impressive, the color of the eye shadow you will use is really important. Women with dark skin and eye color can apply gold-colored eye shadows. If you have bright eyes, your metallic gray eyes will reveal the beauty of your eyes. Metallic eye shadow in bronze tones is ideal for being compatible with every eye color. If you decide to use metallic headlights, you can go for metallic eye make-up.

Clean your face beautifully before starting your make-up.

If you want to refresh your eyebrows, apply a little eye shadow to your brow.

Because of that the metallic eye shadow structure is suitable for disintegration; we recommend you practice with your fingers. With your fingers, rub the eye shadow on the eyelid and give it well.

If there is disintegration while driving the metallic eye shadow, use a clean and not too hard brush to collect scattered areas.

In the next step, apply eye pencil to make your eyes clear.

Carefully apply the metallic eye shadow to your lower eyelashes.

Finally, apply 2 layers of mascara to your eye lashes.


After these steps, you can enjoy the captivating look with your trendy metallic eye make-up. When metal make-up is the most complainants of the ladies, the eyeshadow is scattered. In this post we shared with you how you could last without distributing your metallic eyeshadow.

The metallic make-up that you can easily make in every season can be used for special invitations like wedding, engagement. We do not recommend it as a daily make-up, because it may be a bit overdone. In your everyday life, you can use metallic make-up without overdoing it.

Bonus 1

Wedding Special: Beauty Recommendations for Invitees

Let me guess, you are invited to a summer wedding of a close relative, are not you? While everyone is getting married in Junes, the number of invitations we need to attend is increasing. Inversely proportional to increased invitations, if you think style options are getting smaller, do not worry!


When it comes to deciding on the wedding style, the first thing you have to consider is the ambience of the wedding you will join. We suggest you to take a look at the invitation for the wedding so that if you cannot predict it and you cannot ask the wedding owner.

Stylish and sophisticated?

Avoid white and the politeness. Because on that day, the white will be the special color of bride and the black should be kept on a mourning day. How about using black and white together in a monochrome dress?

Bohemian and natural?

If the wedding will take a place in outdoors, a long dress will provide the effect you want.


If you do not think you are cool enough, we recommend you wear a single color dress and reflect your personality with accessories.


3 Make-up Styles for Saturday night

You might be having a Saturday night with your girlfriends at home or hanging out with your favorite ones at dinner. Regardless of the program, let us choose the make-up. Open up the music because the beauty party is starting! Here are 3 make-up styles you can choose on Saturday evenings…

Smoky eye make-up

A misty black eye make-up is our favorite way to add a claim to our looks! This eye make-up we will choose for the rest of the year will reflect on our wonderful style on a fun Saturday night.

Matte tones make-up

Bright make-up is indispensable, but we cannot even think of a better timeframe than Saturday’s to try a different style! Balance the matte make-up with a glittering eye shadow. Matte make-ups will provide you with a way to keep your skin from shining even in the selfies you shoot during the night.

Red lips

After you find the right red tone, no one can hold you! Red lips that are suitable for every style will be our savior on Saturday nights. All you need to remember is to get help from your lip pencils to prevent the spread of the color.

Now, we should ask, have you decided your Saturday night make-up? If you have not decided, you should take a look of the article below that we present you as a bonus.


How to Make Matte Makeup? Secrets of Matte Make-up

Make-up Techniques:

Lately many different makeup techniques have come to light. Along with oily and radiant techniques, matte makeup, which has been the opposite in recent times, is also very popular. Both can be preferred to look nice. If you prefer matte make-up we have great suggestions for you.

Secrets of Matte Make-up

Although many people think that glittering make-up looks much more vivid and healthy, the same healthy and vivid appearance can be achieved when the matte make-up is done correctly. To look dull, you need to know the subtlety of matte make-up. Here’s what you need to know about matte make-up!

Matte makeup is a great alternative, especially for those with oily skin. If you complain about lubricating your T zone during the day, this make-up technique is for you.

Firstly, if you think that your face should be dry for matte makeup, you are mistaken. It is extremely important to moisturize the face in this makeup. In order to make the skin look smooth, a good moisturization is required.

Since this make-up technique has become popular, many make-up products now have matte options.

For this make-up, you must first of all have your choice of foundation cream must be absolutely matte. Matte velvety foundations in particular make great results.

After applying a liquid concealer for under your eyes, you should absolutely fix the under part of your eyes with transparent powder.

Take the same transparent powder and do not forget to apply it to your chin.

You can apply eye shadow base to your eye lips or you can match the color tone with your foundation cream.

Apply a eyeshadow to your eyelids in dark tones and to the middle of your eyes use open tones. Blusher is very important in matte make-up. Because it is a step to add glittery and color to your surface, you can choose the blusher in pink or peach tones. For matte make-up, you should use a creamy matte blusher.

In order for your lips to stay smooth in matte lipstick, you should absolutely peel your lips. With the peeling method, after getting rid of the dead parts in your lips, you should moisturize your lips. Then, sharpen your lips with a pencil at almost the same tone as your skin color. Apply your matte lipstick.

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