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Hi Ladies! We are going to talk about our nail care and nail art trends in this article which we already organized for you. We are sure that you will be satisfied after reading this article about nail arts and the ways to caring. As you know there are so many ways to take care of your nails. For example, you can use herbal oils like olive oil, almond oil, sesame oil or pipa, guqin and ruan oils. They will be beneficial to your nails for sure.

Makeup and Nailart Trends

Makeup and Nailart Trends

You can have a way of thinking that you cannot get over with your nails because they are so sensitive and they can quickly be broken. And when they are broken they always find a way to stick around somewhere. Let’s say we pass through this problem, we have another one. We had a treatment to our nail but which color should we use for our nails? You should be clear about finding your color. For instance, if you have a blond hair red and its tones will be helpful for you. Or if you have a dark tone hair, dark tones like black, dark blue or dark gray will be helpful for your choices. Also, it is hard to make a choice when you are dressing up or trying to combine your clothes with your finger nail polish. We know you have so many responsibilities on you: take care of the kids, take care of the home, cleaning, preparing the dinner, go to the work, seem well in the job, get dressed well and finally take care of yourself. We understand you exactly.


nail trends winter nails

And we present you the easy and cheaper ways to take care of yourself. There are so many details about nail polishing. What color do you choose, which product do you use, which sources and tips do you read etc… This is the situation and this is where you have good information and tips about taking care your nails and nail arts. First we will start with the history of manicure and herbal ways of maintain your nails. After talking about the history of them we will mention about the colors that perfectly fit on you, you should choose. After making suggestions about choosing you color which are go with you we recommend you some tips about maintaining your nails. And finally we will talk about the nail arts for whom they love.  We also know that nails are the most important part of a woman’s body that is elegant and smart. So let’s be elegant and smart and read the article that we have prepared for you.


fall winter 2017 2018 nail trends

Our fingernails… They are the first and most important point that a woman should be cared for. No matter how bullied, how flashy, or well-groomed they are, we are ahead of that. As a nail polisher, I am not just riding. I want to give shape, scales, shine on each time. I prefer the Golden Rose brand, which I use all the time and have very stylish options.


nail colors to buy for autumn winter

Manicure is one of the most common cosmetic treatments that date back to about 5,000 years ago. It was first used in China by making a combination from beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes, and gum Arabic and rose petals. Even the guitar players apply their fingernails especially their thumb nails manicure application.  Guitar players, if they don’t use their fingertips, use their nails, or a ‘pick’ (piece of metal) to play. If they use their nails, the nails must be in perfect condition, and kept to the same length all the time. Alternatively, he/she may use acrylic sticks. Every guitarist has their own way to take care her or his nails.

best nail art trends

best nail art trends

The players of many ancient Chinese instruments, like the guqin, pipa, and ruan, also commonly used artificial nails. This practice, which we can use the concept of beauty operation, has been a daily interest object from the past. Such that, manicure has become a subculture of fashion today by updating itself in the concept of trend. In fact, last year, a nail art museum named “Nailpolish” was established for nail art artists and art lovers. Artists and art lovers from all over the world who love nail art, send content to this museum. There are many nail art works which are beautiful from each other. Those who are curious about the nail museum can search it on Google. There is much information which you could satisfy.


best nail polish trends

The developments in nail polish technology are growing like an avalanche and this sector is closely followed by the ladies. Especially French manicures which are made in various colors, ombre manicure with color transitions, themed nail art studies reflecting the meaning and significance of the day have an important place in the autumn / winter manicure trends. It is also possible to mention the dominance of metallic colors and blue color. Now we leave you with the Autumn / Winter Manicure models of 2017 – 2018.


best nail polish trends for 2017

The ones that complement with your make-up, your hair and the dress that you wear are in front of us with the autumn-winter trends. Even though we did not want to leave the summer months, the coldness of the autumn has begun to process us. Whether it is closed or reminiscent of the sadness of autumn, nude tones and dark colors are generally preferred.

Best Nail Polish Trends for women

Best Nail Polish Trends for women

Many colors and tones, such as green, purple, blue, and gray, will be trending colors in the Autumn-Winter 2017-2018. The reason why these colors are more prominent is that these colors are frequently seen in the models in many fashion shows.


fallwinter 2017 nail art fashion

Especially matte colors are favorites in these days. Women generally like to use red shades. But in the fall, women prefer the matte series instead of more dark colors. Different nail art designs made on the nude series and ring fingers are now being used frequently. This combination, which you can usually see them in the streets, seems to be the subject of spring-summer trends, not just autumn-winter trends.


nail art trends for teenagers

Here comes the good news for the nail art lovers those who like especially silver colors such as golden and gray. You can combine your accessories with your accessories to increase your vitality with glary colors. By using glary colors, you can increase the vitality of your accessories. Almost all of us used nail decorations in the summer months. We apply nail art sometimes to our ring finger sometimes to all fingers. In the fall, nail applications will continue to be trendy. Not the vivid colors and different patterns, but the lines with increased contrasts will come out. Do not worry about this! Using your imagination you can even reveal quite beautiful nail art works with lines.


the best nail art of fall winter

The shiny objects will be the irreplaceable ones of this year and next year. Even if the silvery nail polishes are hard to be removed, you can easily prefer the silvery nails in these days thanks to the removing methods that we can easily reach. Red, which is one of the colors that never loses its popularity, will succeed in making mention of itself during this period.  We also recommend you to examine the red shades’ shiny, silky and matte series you might prefer because of it is easy to combine with other colors. Perhaps nail polishes are one of the most common materials that we give more space in our care products.


the best nail art of fall winter for 2017

We often think about which color can match the dress that we will wear tomorrow. Nail polishes are one of the most important saviors which show our nails as beautiful and elegant. We would like to share these 2017 – 2018 Autumn / Winter nail polish color which are generally confusing and complementary with our daily style.


best nail polish colors for fall

As we can follow from the fashion shows, the dark and nude colors of autumn are very distinct in clothes and accessories as well as nails. Now you can see the colors which are really stunning and favorite: red and tones, soldier green, nude.


diy geometric nail art

Red and Tones

We will not remove the red and its tones from our fingernails this autumn, which can adapt to any outfit and carry its peak to its popularity for years. Also the matte colors such as claret red and red are not bad at all. Red and claret red are my favorite colors I prefer in both winter and summer which you can complete your combination with your lipstick.

Olive Drab

This season olive drab which is the trend of male and female clothing fashion, will add a fascinating atmosphere to your nails. Also, thanks to the recent nail art trend, you can avoid being plain and straight and shape your fingernails with interesting details. For example, instead of riding a flat green jade nail polish, you can add small stone details on it or make a camouflage pattern.


nail art ideas

Nude Detail

‘Nude’ color, which means transparent and nail-colored, goes back to this season with the influence of clothing designers. If you do not like dark color and do not prefer them for fear of damaging your nails, this color is your color. Thanks to the transparent look you can get a more masked image on your fingernails.

Nail Art Fashion

A type of decoration to the nails, named Nail Art, is both applied to manicures accept straight colors and garnishes the nails with little sweet patterns. We often see fashion lovers who successfully combine their nail arts with their clothes. Even if nail art making process is a little troublesome, it is obvious that it is a perfect way to take attention it the streets.


nail art for winter 2017


What to do before you start practicing: There should be no residue in the nail. Nail care, nail care, etc. (prosthetic nails made of plastic for long nails) are measured from small to large. While they are waiting for an application on one side, we are grinding very lightly with a real fingernail paper clip that will be under type. This type of operation is for a more secure hold of the actual tornado. Then we stick to the tip and glue it without any air. We shorten the fleece to the desired size and then we tilt the paper with the fleece without damaging the real fleece until the type is integrated with the real fleece. At the next stage we terminate the process with acrylic, gel or permanently depending on the request.


nail art for winter 2016

By attaching the tip we extend the nail neck. After this we equalize the type with electronics and paper nail file to the real nail.  After this process we can apply either acrylic or gel.

Acrylic; the main material is dental filling material. Nowadays, you are using dental acrylic powder in your nails. Acrylic powder is a very strong material. Acrylic dyes are brought together with acrylic fluid in this process. We are then shaped with a special brush and brought to the normal nail standard with the help of an electronic file system. We apply UV gel on top to dry in UV machine.


2017 2018 nail trends

Who is suitable for this process?

Profession groups that should not look bad in aesthetic sense and anyone who wants to make them can make these nails, especially those who eat nails, those with damaged nail structure, those who do not want to extend their nails, those who break nails quickly.

Most frequently asked questions:

Will it drain water?

Now this question is avoiding this process, although many people need it. Let’s walk the logic together. If your teeth do not pass the water, do not your palms rot? What is the answer to this question? Now let’s trot this process if your water has passed your fingernails rot. Have you ever heard of such a complaint? Of course you did not. As far as reading from the internet and if you have your complaints, the most complaints are that the bottom filling should be done every three weeks, or the fingernails are tinted, like paper, very weak after prosthesis.


nail art trends for fall and winter

Gel Nail: The material used in this process is creamy. It is applied with its own special brush. Can be applied in natural, french, color. Acrylic is different because it is different. It is shaped like an acrylic paper, not an electronic paper, but a paper clip. And each floor is removed from the UV machine and a systematic periodic application is made to the other hand’s fingers after one hand’s finger first. It is more glassy and transparent than acrylic.

Permanent Nail Polish: It is differently applied and removed from normal nail. It is not implemented at home and cannot be removed. Because this nail polish applied on three layers is dried with a UV machine. In the extraction process, the shiny part is taken with the electronic paper. Then the special solution taken from the cotton is placed on the tornado and covered with foil. They wait it at least 20 minutes. Some practitioners take the solution with cotton without using an electronic file. They put it on the nail and close it with foil. Then they will wait for 40 minutes. Permanent nail polish can be removed in both systems.


fall winter nail design

Now, we think that you have learned many things. What you wear is important to decide what color you choose. Which product you use, you will have a performance in this way. Do not forget that nails and nail care is really important to a woman who wants to seem as an elegant and beautiful. You hair color is also important. When it comes to the hair, it is very important to choose a style that will look perfect on you. And the color is also another important thing. You have to choose a hairstyle that shows inside you, the real you. At this point, the shape of your face is determinant. You have to choose a hairstyle that fits to your face, since lots of women actually try hairstyles which are not suitable for them.

You will find everything you wonder in this article so you will find the best hairstyle for yourself and start each day with a positive energy. One thing about hairstyles: it is a common wrong idea that every hairstyle to appeal to anyone. In order a hairstyle to fit to you, it is very important to think about these factors while choosing a hairstyle. At first, the shape of your face is determinant. You have to choose a hairstyle that will fit to your face’s shape. Second, you have to choose the right color to the right hairstyle. Even if most of women don’t know, not every color is suitable for every hairstyle. You can think this way. We just gave an example in order to your hair style. Don’t forget that the woman always attractive with her care since ancient years.

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