Ideas for Elegant Brown Smokey Eye Makeup in 2017

Eyes are the most beautiful accessory to make a woman a woman. No matter what color, the flickering eyes that makes the other turn around always make a woman look attractive. Almost every woman tries to bring her eyes in the foreground when she is wearing makeup. Because a makeup that puts your eyes in the foreground makes you look magical.

The ever-present day-to-day never- ending eye makeup has managed to keep its trendiness in every situation. When we look at eye makeup trends, sometimes dense, misty eye makeup is fashion, sometimes natural eye makeup fashion.

Brown Smokey Makeup Ideas

We can start with cat eye makeup, which will talk about classics in eye makeup. It will be a troublesome and time consuming makeup, but it will provide you with a view that will be worth all your tiredness. First, apply some foundation to your eyes. Secondly, apply some powder to prevent the foundation from getting into your eyes. Then, you should choose a light eye-brow for your eyelids, if you are light-skinned you prefer your light vanilla tone, if you are dark-skinned you should have an white coffee tone. You can choose a liquid or gel eyeliner for the perfect cat eye, keep the first line thin during application and apply it from bottom of your eyelids to the eye around the eye. Then thicken the outline of the eye. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

You can make classic misty eye makeup at every tip you want in the misty eye makeup that women can not give up. If you want to choose black or dark color, you can get these dark tones with few small techniques. Make a bright light effect on the upper part of your eyelid and a dark headlight application on the surrounding area. Apply a light headlamp to the inner parts of your eye close to your nose. This light color headlight does not have to be a matte headlight that is clearer than your white, silver side color. All are suitable for misty eye makeup. Then cover your eyelids with brown light in a darker color than at the top. Make a good base makeup. You can continue with your makeup with a little gray, black and darker brown. The point you need to keep in mind is that you do not cover the light colored parts with the dark color light, so you get depth.

Best Brown Smokey Eye Makeups

You should move away from the exaggeration of your day-to-day use and make a natural application. Choosing the headlights in colors close to the present color will also be a key to making a natural makeup. If your skin is light skinned, I would recommend you to choose blush, pink, vanilla shades and an open matte brown tone. If your skin is yellow in color your choice of coral, orange and brown colors will be a better choice for you. Apply and distribute your eyeliner as lightly as possible. Apply an intense mascara to your lashes.

If you are attending a stylish event and want to be a star of the night, you can apply it by spreading it over a pearly pink, yellow gold or silver, a yellow eyelid. If you want to make it a little bit more intense and attention-grabbing, apply luminescent reds to places close to your eyelashes. If your glow is in yellow gold tones, the darker tip will be a super combination of chocolate coffee tone. Then rub your eye pencil and spread the pen over your eyes thoroughly. If you want, you can apply fake eyelashes. Do not forget  to apply your mask to your upper and lower eyelashes.

One of the most popular eye makeup is the naked eye makeup. It can be carried around any time of day and your nighttime makeup is a very practical way to switch. The trick is through simplicity. Apply the foundation and powder to your eye circle with your whole face. Then touch the blush brush slightly with light pink and apply your eyelid. Curl your lashes and tap your upper and lower eyelashes lightly with a flair. You can have a glamorous glimpse with your eyebrow makeup. If you wish, you can reach your eyebrows with a frown light close to your eyebrows. It is dark color headlight, so be careful to have a tone on your brow that you choose for your eyebrows.

How to do Smokey Eye Makeup

The secret of making the right makeup is to have the right ingredients. Start from the bottom to curl your eyebrows and gradually apply distant ice. You may have  to repeat the folding process a few times to reach the imagined  result and make a big difference in your eyelashes. The use of eyelashes also means that you use your eyelashes in the foreground. You do not have to be there at night to use your eyelashes.

Let’s make this year’s trendiest eye makeup. Smokey eye is the most trendy eye makeup of this year. There are many types of eye makeup that come to mind. Smokey eye makeup is the most popular eye makeup that we all know. This makeup type can be applied to all types of makeup. The biggest difference in makeup is that the makeup is not clear, like makeup, brush, cotton or fingers, and makeup is distributed very well.

First, pull a stabbing pen as a thick strip on the eyelid of the eyelid. Distribute your eyelid to the eye shape with the pen tip blurred brush you have taken afterwards. Once you are sure that the structure is well dispersed, then fix it with a brown light with the aid of a brush. Apply a line of the eye to the to prevent the formation of sharp lines with a light that will give a bright light. Pull the eye pencil underneath the eye and remove the pencil slightly more than the eyelash. Add mist to your eyes using fuller. Combine the shading process you have done with the tail. Make your eye makeup foreground with the help of the illuminator.

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