How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger with Lipstick

Everyone wants to have big full lips yet not everyone have them.This might be a problem for those who lived hundred years ago but right now we don’t see having thin lips as a real problem. You may say why, well with some little tricks you can overcome this issue. But as a reminder we do not say having thin lips is bad or ugly, in our opinion having thin lips is as beautiful as having thick lips and any form of any lip is equally beautiful we just say if you want more bigger, fuller lips that’s okay and not a bad thing at all and you came to the right place because we are going to tell you how you achieve this bigger, fuller lips with surprisingly easy ways and tricks. So let’s begin to talk about these tricks that we have mentioned earlier.


1- Overdraw your lip line

There’s so much way to overdraw your lips but which one is right for your lip shape? If you have thin lower lip but full upper lip then you should just overdraw your lower lip but if you have thin upper lip and full lower lip then you should do vice versa, overdraw your upper lip and don’t do your lower lip. If you have oval shaped lips then you can create your own cupid’s bow with overdrawing. If you are uncomfortable with your lips to be downturned then just do your own lip line as how you want it. If you have thin lips just overdraw all over your lip but if you have large lips and want thinner lips then draw your inner lips and don’t mind your own lip line. If you have sharp lips you can smoothen it buy overdrawing around you lip more gently and if you have uneven lips just be sure to overdraw them equally finally don’t forget to overdraw subtly and be sure that your overdrawing pen’s color matches your lipstick or maybe little darker than your skin tone.


2- Use lip gloss in the middle of your lips after applying lipstick

We all love using the lip gloss and that shine it gives to our lips then find a lip gloss shade close to your lipstick color and apply it just in the middle of your upper and lower lips. This will make your lips to look more plump


3- Brush off flakes over your lips

Take a toothbrush but this time don’t use it to brush your teeth but to brush your lips. You will get surprised how it will work its magic on your lips. Before applying any lip balm or lip gloss or, of course, lipstick be sure the brush all the flakes off your lips. This will help your lips to be more smooth and puffy. That way lipstick will be more permanent


4- Use concealer around your lips before and after applying lipstick

Use concealer to overdraw your lip line and it will smoothen your lip line. That way when you use your lipstick it will stay on your lips perfectly for more time. And use concealer after applying the lipstick to focus your lips.


5- Avoid dark-colored lipsticks

While bright pink or nude colors comply with your skin and that makes your lips to be more fuller, dark colors make your lips to look more flatten and that takes away all the fluffiness. It’s more easy to delude with brighter colors such as bright pink, beige, dark beige, pink and so on while with darker tones you are with your own and no matter what you do before or after applying lipstick it’s not the same like brighter colors.

6- Use two different shades of nude lipsticks

It’s too good that nude is in fashion this year because that way it will keep us in fashion and also keep our lips fluffy. Of course choose the nude colors corresponding to your skin tone but get yourself two nude colors one with darker and one with brighter tone. Then apply the darker one all over your lips while the brighter one is used only in the middle of your lips. If your upper lip is thin and lower lip is thick then use the lighter tone only on the thin one, and in this situation your upper lip. But if the situation is vice versa you have thick upper lip but thin bottom lip then use the lighter tone only on your bottom lip. Then gently spread the lighter tone on your lips with your fingers. This will help even your lips and make them look fuller.

By the way you can do this step with one darker toned nude lipstick and with highlighter. You should again use your darker toned lipstick as base then use your highlighter only on the center of your lips then just blend them in together.


7- Apply foundation underneath your lipstick

While do makeup every one of us already use foundation so why we pass over our lips? Maybe the most important feature of our faces. This one is maybe the most important one because this will give lipstick something to grab on. Without this step whatever you use before or after applying the lipstick it will dissolve easily. And no one wants that i think so be sure to not skip this step.

8- Apply highlighter at the top of your lips

These days everyone loves highlighter right? Well why just use this miraculous product on our cheeks and nose bridge it will work its magic on our lips too. This is how you should do it: use the highlighter exactly to the top of your top lip’s most pointed areas and between those two pointed areas (cupid’s bow) and you can use your fingers as well as highlighter brush. This will make your lips looks flashy and fluffy.


9- Draw an “X” in the center of your top lip with lipstick

If you don’t want to do lip balm or lip gloss or any other steps but just want to do your makeup put on your lipstick and go out then be sure to draw an “X” in the center of your upper lip while you put on your lipstick. Because that way your upper lip will definitely look more fuller.


11- Use lip balm before applying lipstick

Every girl should have some kind of lip balm in her bag because you can never know when your lips going to dry or when you need it to make your lips look fuller. Before you brush off your dead skin out of your lips be sure to moisturise it. That will help dead or dry skin to come out very easily.

These are the few steps to make your lips look like they’re bigger than their original form. All of these items are could be found in any girl’s room or any woman’s home so there’s no harm in trying. As a woman be comfortable in your own body and be confident as who you are is the most important thing and if these little things helps us boosts our confidence then why not give a chance?

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