How To Make Skeleton Makeup

If you are too busy to get ready for halloween or if you don’t want to spend too much money on preparation or if you don’t want to spend too much time on your costume and makeup these all are okay because we have a solution and we are here to help you. Just with your daily cosmetics and some black pants, black tshirts or blouses, black boots you are ready to be a skeleton and you are ready to blow your friends’ minds away. So let’s begin!


easy female skeleton makeup

1- What do you need to make skeleton makeup?

Of course you can use face painting kits to attain black and white colors correctly but you can also get this color with regular cosmetics. You will need light colored foundation, black liquid eyeliner, black eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush, black powder, white powder, white eyeliner, angled eyeliner brush and lastly translucent finishing powder. You can use brushes to apply products but to blending we recommend your fingers or sponges.

2- How do you prepare your skin for makeup?

1- Cleanse your skin: you could use your daily cleanser to do this. If you don’t have one be sure to buy one because it’s important to have clean skin and check if your cleanser alcohol-free and gentle. You can apply it with your fingers over your face and neck and then be sure to rinse it off well.


last minute halloween makeup

2- Exfoliate: With gentle moves you should spread the product to your face and neck then again rinse your face and neck well with warm water

3- Apply a serum: This step helps your skin to get moisturized after exfoliating.

4- Moisturise: Moisturizing helps your skin to get ready for makeup

5- Primer: This last step smooths your skin and prepare your skin to be ready to makeup.


ideas about easy skeleton makeup

3- How to apply the makeup?

1- For starters you should apply light colored foundation all over your face and be sure to not skip any spot except your eye sockets and tip of your nose and your ears after all skeletons doesn’t have ears. Use your white powder to set your foundation.


easy skeleton makeup tutorial

2- Then you will begin to outline your eye sockets with your eyeliner but again you can also use black face paint in this step or you can use black eyeshadow and apply it with thin eyeliner brush but we do not recommend it because it could be not as permanent as eyeliner. But the choice is yours. Also don’t panic if you didn’t draw them equally or straight it’s even better that two eyes are different.

3- Then fill in your eye sockets with black eyeshadow with your eye shadow brush and again be sure to paint all spots in your circle. Then use your black powder to darken and set your eye shadow.


halloween makeup tutorial skull

4- To draw your tip of your nose as skeleton, draw a letter M on your tip of your nose with your black eyeliner and be sure the sides of the letter M cover your nostrils and your nose should be covered all black except your nose’s bridge. Then fill in the letter with black eye shadow.

5- Take your white eyeliner and color your lips. Then take your black liquid eyeliner and draw a line across your ear and corner of your mouth. With your black liquid eyeliner draw a vertical line down to center of your mouth to create teeth. Then add six more vertical lines to the left and right side and be sure to draw them half an inch apart from each other. If you have extra time and if you are confident in your artistic skills you can shade around each individual tooth.


skeleton makeup tutorial for women

6- Use your black eyeshadow to contour around your cheekbones and under the eye sockets for more skeletony look if we may say so. Then fill in your jaw with your black eyeshadow. In this part you can get experimental and artistic but if you want to be more classical you should just color your jaws all black and give your face that deathly scary skeleton look.

7- To give more details with you angled eyeliner brush you can outline temples and brows and with your black eyeshadow you can shade underneath your jawline and neck. And with your black eye shadow you can lightly shade around your hairline and temporal side to to be more dramatic. And if you’re not planing wear a turtleneck sweater don’t worry because you can paint your neck with black eyeshadow and outline your ribs with makeup removal cloth. Then fill in the spaces with your white powder or white body paint, and with white color you can add tendons to your neck to create a more halloween effect. And you can add final shading as how you want.


halloween look sugar skull makeup

And voila! You’re ready to to go out and scare the daylights of your neighbours. With this makeup and proper clothing you’re now one scary skeleton who comes from the underground.


last minute halloween makeup ideas

4- Other recommendations to comply with your makeup

You’re already scary but how about being more scarier? Or at least more thematic. For starters if you have bangs we recommend you to comb them backwards. If you have short hair you can down your hair as far as possible and be more skeletony but if you do this we think that you should paint your ears as black as possible to create earless look as you remember we mentioned earlier skeletons does not have ears so it would be consistent anyways if your hair too curly to be laying down or too thick to be laying down you could use this as your advantage and give your hair more volume to become more frizzy. And for those who have long or medium length hair you can braid them tight and put them backwards so no one who look you right in front of you can see them but again don’t forget to paint your ears all black.

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