Beautiful Earrings and Necklace Models Recommended for Ladies

Every woman wants to wear the most beautiful accessories in the whichever room they are in. But what are the most glamorous accessories? We think nothing can tops earrings and necklaces they are right next to your beautiful face which is the most beautiful accessory any woman can ever wear if you ask us but if you want something you can change maybe multiple times in a day or something you can buy we think you should buy lots and lots of earrings and necklaces. So what are the this year’s most preferred models? Which models are in and which models are out? How can you be the most fashionable woman out there with your accessories so let’s dig in?


1- Ear cuffs

We noticed that this year every woman at least have one ear cuff to show off their friends of how cool they are. Well, we are not judging they are cool, feminine and they came in every color you could imagine. They are easy to wear and easy to combine. If you are too upset to be doll up but you have to, do a ponytail and wear an ear cuff will do just fine. And there is no such thing as too much when it comes to ear cuffs so feel free to wear them as much as you can. And if you don’t want to pierce all over your ear these are the easy way to wear multiple earrings to your one ear without piercing. And they are as cool as piercings so you will be more than okay with this earrings.


2- Boho style

If you remember last summer bohemian styled accessories made a comeback and they look super cool with one v-neck white t-shirt and some shorts but they are not stopping to be cool so how about using them in winter too? Use your large necklaces over your sweaters or let your feathery earrings swing by your ponytail.


3- Golden floral motif

The floral motif is what we are used to seeing on runways or in our daily lives. But now the floral motif came in with gold color and this is the exactly what we are looking for. Whether it is necklace or earrings or chokers or ear cuffs or piercings, to be honest as long as it has the golden floral motif. Also, every woman loves gold color and accessories so what is better than combining both? You can also wear shiny and glittery bags and shoes underneath your clothes to complement your whole outfit.


4- Animalistic motif

We are used to seeing animalistic motif on t-shirts or on bags or on patterned leggings and jeans but what about accessories? They are extremely popular in accessories like animal shaped rings or bracelets but mostly earrings and necklaces. With animalistic motif on your earrings and necklaces, your outfit gains another level of wild and gives you the confidence of a lioness.


5- Chokers

This year chokers going wild. They are everywhere you can see them on celebrities, reality stars, and models on a runway. They are fun, sexy and beautiful who doesn’t want to wear them and there are so many models to buy or do. You can do your own choker just as easily as wearing them. You only need one cord in whatever material you choose then you can easily make your own choker. They help look like your neck is lot thinner and longer than it’s already is so it is good to have at least have one choker. In addition to these advantages they are also easy to combine with other accessories and clothes but make sure you buy the one that goes with your skin tone because if you have pale skin you should buy dark colored chokers but not light colored or gold or silver because they will disappear from your neck and seem like you have bumpy neck. We do not want that you could ask for help from the assistant at the store if you couldn’t decide.


6- One sided earrings

This year is the time to pick the side because as you can see on the runways and red carpets this year one lobe is empty while the another one is going, if we may say, majestic. This trend maybe seems like maximalist but actually, it’s also minimalist.


So how can you use this trend in your daily life? First of all, if you are going to someplace formal such as weddings or engagement parties you can buy pendant earrings with flashy beads or you can wear little dot earrings only one side and that will do just fine. If you have more than one hole in your ear than you could wear earrings to one side as much as your ear holes allow you and the other side will stay empty but be sure the choose your side according to your hair model. You do not want to roof your beautiful earrings. Or you could just wear one big circle earring one side or just one ear cuff at one side and that will make you the coolest person in wherever you are.


7- Pearl

When we see pearl I think about Audrey Hepburn immediately, and I do not think I am alone in this one, and she is elegant, beautiful and womanly and every woman wants to be like her. To be honest no one could ever be like her in my opinion but buying yourselves pearl earrings or pearl necklaces or both will definitely help you feel more like her and give you the confidence of an elegant woman. Or if you are thinking that pearls are too classic to be cool then you will be happy when you hear now they make pearl necklaces and pearl earrings with other materials such as velvet, cashmere or they combine pearl with other stones so that it will look less classic and more modern. Long story short there is pearl earrings and pearl necklaces for everyone out there so get you one which suits you best.


8- Layering your necklaces

For starters, layering is not exclusive for necklaces you could also layer you earrings by wearing multiple earrings both sides but we are not here to talk about that. So This is the new trend that sweeps everyone of us off our feet. We are loving this trend and there are so many ways to manage this look for example if you want more 90’s look you can try it with black chokers and they are in fashion both day and night so if you did plan your whole day you could try something like that. Or you can simply just buy three or four close length necklaces and wear them on top of each other. One or two of them could be chokers but be sure to wear same colored chain. The another choice to layering your necklace is with just two necklaces one with a more vintage look and the another one is longer with two necklaces like that you can have both modern and vintage look. With multiple long chained and one or most two short chained necklaces and the deep v-neck t-shirt, you will definitely rock everyone’s world with your sexiness. But again be sure that the chains are same colored. And lastly, if you want the more bohemian look you can buy double chained necklaces and combine it with your long one chained necklace. You are ready to rock wherever you go with layering your necklaces.


9- Rose gold

Rose gold, also known as pink gold, red gold or blush gold, is this year’s favorite color and not just only in summer but in winter too. This winter rose gold came here to warm our hearts with its mellow tone. It’s elegant, warm and timeless. Also rose gold and other colors such as gold, silver, beige, dark blue, gray, black, white, dark red, green and purple go together very well and that suits our book perfectly. If you are having a problem with which accessories you are going to combine your outfit with then do not be afraid anymore because rose gold came here to rescue us all. And also this color considered as both modern and classic so feel free the use it any kind of outfit choice of yours. So when you are going to buy yourselves some earrings or necklaces be sure to keep one rose gold necklace or earring at least.


10- Clip on earrings

These earrings are the easiest way to doll up because you don’t have to even holes in your ears.


11- Piercing

For sometimes piercing may look like wild and punk-ish and something that only rebellious people and punks would do but this has changed over the years. Now all the fashionistas do piercing all over their ears without almost skipping any spot. And that is just so cool. If you want to you can wear multiple earrings one after another. This year’s another piercing trend is conch piercings, conch piercings are cover most part of the ear cartilage. They take more time to heal but they are worth the pain. Or you can check on with piercing and some say they help with the migraine pain too so why not try?


12- Wooden Necklaces and Earrings

You might notice the wooden necklaces and earrings increase in stores, that is because this year carrying wooden around your neck or on your ears is in fashion. Their unique structure makes it perfect for your outfits no matter what you are wearing and it makes your outfit cool the best way possible whether it is a long chained wooden necklace or short chained wooden necklace or if you are buying some wooden earrings it could be pendant earrings or drop earrings or regular tiny earrings or maybe you could even buy wooden piercings. This all sounds too cool to be true but happily, it is true.


13- Fringe Earrings

We see them on bags and shoes often in this past summer and fall but now they came in with earrings and necklaces and we are loving it. Whether it is only on necklace’s clip on part or it is the pendant part that does not matter and if you buy some fringe earrings you see that fringe’s feel like you are walking down on the runway or red carpet. Accessories are such amazing things look how they are making us feel.


14- Velvet

Our final head in this article is maybe one of the softest fabrics of all fabrics so we are happy to say it is now dominating earrings and necklaces as well as all the other accessories. With velvet’s soft and beautiful structure you will be glowing on valentine’s day or your birthday party or just a normal day. Earrings which made from velvet is what your ears needed softness and coolness and necklaces with velvet as chains or velvet chokers carry your coolness to another level.


These are the few trends that we think that might help you this winter and spring. When you go shopping don’t forget to look at this eleven item to be the most stylish version of yourselves. We hope that this article can help you find your favorite earrings or necklace but if you could not find what you are looking for do not panic because there is always next year and maybe the next year is your year! You could just buy something to fashionable but keep your finding your favorite jewelry job to next year or maybe even the year after.


Buy yourselves what makes you happy because this is the most important thing they are not just saying “jewelry are a girl’s best friend.” They are our best friends and every time we bought ourselves some earrings or necklaces is the best feeling in the whole world so find your favorite piece of earrings and necklaces and be the happiest girl.

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