Special Care Proposals to Dull and Dry Hair

As we all know women are so cautious about the way they look. And hair is the one of the most important part of our sight among others. At first sight, before make-up, your hair appears. Women have always made herbal cares since the ancient times because; nature world gives us the care itself. There are a lot of plants that we can use to care for our bodies like fruits such as apple, banana, avocado, apricot, carrot and others plants like olive, tea tree, daisy and magnolia etc… Now we will show you how to make organic care for your beautiful hair. We should always remember as a care source. Woman and nature is really close to each other. They both need care and sensitive.

You can always ask the nature what you should do and it will answer you with its natural ways of care. Only you need to do it to read this article that we prepared for you carefully and try the steps and clues that are completely beneficial to your hair. After that if you have satisfied, we will happy for you. Now you can follow the article:

We are aware of how much you appreciate hair care proposals. Because this is very normal for us women, that hair is very important. The problem is that I have just about said. The hair problems that come to me are divided into two parts, one about oily hair, the other one is about swollen, dry hair. Now it is time to come to the solutions we can bring to dry hair. Natural hair care masks are the best and most affordable solution for dry and worn hair. So today, I will share information on the treatments that can be done on dry, matte or swollen hair, and you will be able to do it with the most natural materials. Here is a natural hair care recommendation that you can do at home.


banana and olive oil

1. Banana and Olive Oil: The banana does not actually end with counting the benefits. Thanks to the vitamins A, C and E, your hair will gain vitality and brightness and at the same time will help to prolong its life. The benefits of olive oil are also beneficial for hair that has at least a few beneficial benefits. You need to combine these two miraculous foods in order to gain the nemesis of dry and dull hair. You must make 1 medium-sized bananas and 1 tablespoon olive oil until you are thoroughly mashed up. (Do not let the banana grains stay between your hair). Then massage your hair deeply and crawl. After waiting 30 minutes, wash your hair with warm water and shampoo close to the cold. You will notice that the effect you have left in your banana hair is terrific.


apple vinegar

2. Apple Vinegar: For the hair problems such as hair loss, bran, dry and dull hair, not easy to scan, apple vinegar is actually the first thought solution. Especially, it is a natural care material that helps the apple circulation to cope with problems such as itchiness and rash in the hair of hair related to hair dryness. To use it as rinse water, you should add one third of the juice of a water glass to 1 liter of water. We recommend you to use the apple cucumber alone. Acidic apple vinegar can cause rash and irritation, especially on sensitive skins. If it is used without dilution, burning and itching may occur.


coconut oil hair

3. Coconut Oil: You can find the benefits of coconut oil in detail as to what would have been possible by searching on the internet. Today we will talk about how effective the hair is, especially on dry and worn hair, when it comes to natural care. Coconut oil is very effective and powerful oil and it is necessary to use it sparingly. Take a soup spoon from this oil and apply it towards the ends of the damp hair. If your hair is too dry, you can leave your night hair and wash it in the morning.


avocado hair

4. Avocado: C and E are rich in natural vitamins and can be called avocado. The most common use for hair is to slow hair loss and promote hair growth. Avocado’s dried and worn hair is helped to regain its old appearance, and its use is based on ancient times. You will understand that we do not discover anything new. Add half avocados and 2 drops of mint oil and purée thoroughly. After shampooing your hair and squeezing the water thoroughly, apply it to your hair. After waiting 15 minutes, you can rinse your hair. Your hair will be fairly healthy bright and soft.


honey poultry and honey

5. Honey Poultry and Honey: The honey cabbage, which is popular in winter months, is very useful for both the skin and the hair. It is rich in beta-carotene, potassium and zinc, along with vitamins A and C. A mask that you can apply to your face and skin (especially if your skin is very dry) can be a solution to many problems. It is a great help for deep cleansing of hair and hair. 2 tablespoons mashed potatoes, half a teaspoon honey and 1 tablespoon olive oil mix. You can apply this mixture to your hair and skin and wash it with warm water for 10 minutes.


tea tree oil

6. Tea Tree Oil: Although the tea tree does not show a direct effect on the prolongation of the hair, the hair starts to breathe and nourish by lifting the obstruction in the pores of the hair. This is actually an important step in supporting the hair growth process in a healthy way. If you are complaining about oily hair or whole wheat hair, if your hair is over poured (because of occlusive pores), if you have constant itching and inflammation, your tea diplomat will have your tea gardener helping you cope with these problems. In a survey conducted in 2002, it was revealed that half of people with whole-wheat hair using shampoos containing 5% tea tree oil had less dandruff complaints. We would like to remind you that when you cannot find organic, pure and correct methods of producing natural and natural herbal oils that have physical and mental healing effects before going to the use suggestions. Tea tree oil provides effective hydration to lift the foundation and itchiness from the head. We should never forget that hair products we use, shampoos can clog pores. Because the tea tree can keep both of them in front of it and control the oil in the hair that prevents hair growth, it will open the way for healthy nourishing and shine of the hair. Healthy nourishment of hair means, of course, that hair grows stronger and prolongs its health.

There are many ways to utilize all these benefits, to apply the tea tree oil to your hair. Some of them use tea tree oil as massage oil. However, it is suggested that they should be mixed with carrier oil as we mentioned at the beginning. At this point you can use olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or any other oil. Let us know what do you think about these by leaving a comment to this article.

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