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Most of the women imagine themselves with healthy, long hair, whether they try, but unfortunately some of us can have it. In fact, not only women, but also men like long-haired women and say they look more feminine with long hair models. As I have always said, what we cannot have has always been more attractive to us. Those with straight hair need curly, curly hair straight, those with hair are a problem, and at least it is another problem.

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In short, what I try to tell you is that every hair has a different use force. In order to have perfect hair, you can easily make it from your hand and you will get what you want, but you will have to continue hair care without disruption, at least. Where did the topic come from, but there are many problems with long hair that women do not know about their hair. Care, washing, scanning and shaping, especially hair loss problem, require serious labor. Today’s main position is not hair care for long hair, but if you know the mistakes made by long haired women, your hair will have the least damage, so you have completed some of the long hair care steps from the indirect path. At the beginning of the article I would like to mention that you will find information in the article about long hair care.

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1- Combing dried hair: One of the greatest evils that we make is to comb our dried hair bloodthirsty. However, dry hair has a more sensitive and less flexible structure. This causes them to break easily and even to fall off. If you have long, curly, wavy hair, they can easily become entangled. It is the best place to open them. After using shampoo to your hair, apply it to the ends of the hair cream. Then scan your hair with a large toothed comb. At other times, you can go to the screening step after applying daily use, hair moisturizer, hair serum, hair moisturizing spray.

2- Washing hair every day: We can all get lost in the illusion that our hair will be healthier and cleaner by washing every day. But now we know well that when hair does not produce enough oil, it starts to look more dry and unhealthy. Although using dry shampoo is not a very common method, make sure you wash it more often than not harm the sauce. If you are going to use hair spray, you can also use dry shampoos to gain the volume of the hair.

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3- Making ponytail hair style to dried hair: One of the most common faults that we all frequently make is making rubber tuckers and horse tails at almost every opportunity. Whether you’re doing sports, cycling or even sitting at home! Do not forget that everything that is hard is a risk of damaging the sore. Consider the process of wearing hair ties. You wear it with the power of hair, and even this tension can deform hair strands alone. On the other hand, very aggressive aggregation also causes the breakdown of weak hair. So prefer the hair styles such as loose pony tails, braids or loose buns.

4- Use of high heat and hard hair spray: Those with long hair can use high heat hair tongs to get wavy hair and very hard hair spray to increase holding. However, hair sprays with very hard holders cause the hair to dry out and become easily broken. Sprayers with lower heat and soft holding are recommended for less damage to hair. Of course, you should not forget to use a pre-heat preservative.


5- Comb selection: The blossoming of hair is a problem for all of us. The easiest way to prevent electrification is to prevent the hair from losing its moisture. We also recommend you to use plastic hair brushes for both this and not to break your hair.

In fact, we talked about how to prevent the hair from wearing out by taking care of some details in the daily life of a woman who has long hair. What about thinking more? So what should be done in hair care and attention to make each hair look perfect and healthy?

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I wanted to elaborate on what I think is important for long haired women. Because, even at certain intervals, such as fen or paint applications can cause the hair to wear out. In addition to that, the more we try to pay attention to broken hair, and the many hair loss we experience in our lives, the ones with the longest hair are the most common problems. All of these problems may be related to our general health or psychological consequences. As I have always shared with you, you should try to find out what caused this problem first. Otherwise you will not get the hair you want with external hair care. What can we do to make our hair look healthier?

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Make Hair Diet!

If you say what this means, I will detail it for you. In fact, we can call it a hair-care routine with sub-materials that should be considered important. Just as there is a daily skin care routine that includes important steps such as cleansing and moisturizing for our skin health, it also involves building up similar routine hair and supporting it with nutrition.

Healthy Nutrition = Healthy Hair

Now that you know very well that if we want our skin to look fabulous we need to pay attention to it first. Do not forget the fact that everything is a lot of damage here. In other words, excessive coffee consumption, excessive sugar consumption of food and skin and hair negatively affect the elements. What will we do to make sure your hair is healthy? Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E in particular. On the other hand, we should not forget the demoniac. These are important vitamins for repairing hair cells and for boosting hair vitality.

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Moisturizing Your Hair: An Important Hair Care

Just as we are now exposed to the winter transition from winter to winter our hair tends to dry more. The hair creams you use may not be enough to provide the required nail. In this case, the hair needs to be moistened extra. For this you can apply a moisturizing mask for 1-2 times a week depending on your hair needs. However, it is also important that the moisturizing masks you choose here do not aggravate your hair. Because excessive use of wrong products or products can make hair look heavy and dull.

Using Shampoo for Long Haired Women

The longer ones are not using enough shampoo to wash their hair by mistake. However, excessive use of hair causes drying of the hair and clogging of the pores in the hair. I usually thin the shampoo with a little warm water in the size of hazelnut and just massage it with hair diploma. I do not apply shampoo directly to the hair because the hair ends are affected more quickly than all the chemical products. Shampoo, which you drive to your hair diploma, will take away the hair on the ends of your hair when you are with the water. No extra application is required.


Rinse your hair with cold water.

This is actually an important ingredient that ensures healthy shine of hair. Cold winter days may be difficult to apply; even warm water will be enough. Because cutting down hair with hot water will wear off the hair, dry the hair or cause dandruff formation.

I also want to talk about another mistake we made following this step. After shower we rub our hair with towel to get more water from the hair. Do not do it! Because the hair is much more vulnerable to breakage in the wet, so they are seriously damaged. I suggest, you just need to warm enough towels to take just enough water.


Use the right products for your hair.

I share with you so many times how important this is, so I will not go into much detail here. But from shampoo to shrimp, you have to make your own choices every step of the way. Because, breaking down the hair with the wrong shampoo causes the hair to dry, lose its electric power and luster.

Feed your hair with minerals.

I wanted to give it a place because it was one of the methods that I applied from time to time. During the bath you can use mineral water as the last rinse water. The minerals in the mineral water soften your hair and provide the shine of the hair. You can try mineral water at specific intervals.

Another beneficial product you can use in the final rinse water is actually honey. All you have to do is to thin the hair with warm water and pour your hair before rinsing. After waiting for about 5 minutes, you can do a final rinse with cold water. Honey nourishes hair, restores hair cells, moisturizes and brightens hair.

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