Best Cornrow Braids Hairstyles For 2017

As everybody knows, everything about woman has been very important in every era of the human history. There even have been men killed for women. In this circumstance, like several other things, your hair is one of the most important things in your life as a woman. Your hair is the first thing that people will look at in the morning. If your hair is messed up when you arrive at work, it is always impossible to get rid of the eyes staring at you. Anyway, in this article which we have prepared for you, we have offered you the best cornrow braids hairstyles for 2017 and 2018. You will find several methods and styles for cornrow braids hairstyles and we are sure that some will be your favorites in 2017 and 2018.


best cornrow braids to try right now

When it comes to the hair, it is very important to choose a style that will look perfect on you. And the color is also another important thing. You have to choose a hairstyle that shows inside you, the real you. At this point, the shape of your face is determinant. You have to choose a hairstyle that fits to your face, since lots of women actually try hairstyles which are not suitable for them. You will find everything you wonder in this article so you will find the best hairstyle for yourself and start each day with a positive energy.


best cornrow braids hairstyles

Like the style, color is also very important. Even, colors are direct manipulators. They reflect the emotional state of ours and may reveal you. Try to apply the colors that won’t make you look old or very younger than you are. Also, women especially be very careful about balayage. It may be look good, or the contrary may happen. You may find yourself eighty years old in thirty minutes after you have applied balayage. Try to use colors that show your beauty in the right way. Also it is very important to choose a color that fits to your skin. You have to be very careful about the hue of a certain color. For example if you want your hair to be red, you need to be very careful about the hue. A very bright red will look so childish and prevent the wild women inside you to appear, a very dark one may look like nothing at all. Try to catch the wildest, sexiest red hue.


2017 cornrow braids hairstyles

Yellow is a color that women have to think twice before they have their hair dyed if their call is yellow. If you apply a very bright yellow, you may look like a teenager but even if it’s very bright, the little touches of your hair dresser may create extraordinary hair colors. A very dark yellow may cause you to look very serious and old. Remember, your hair’s natural color is always the best choice. You can try to change it a few degrees. But make sure that the less you change your hair color, the more beautiful you look.


best black braided hairstyles

What’s more about colors, did you know that the shapes of our faces are very important when choosing a color. For example, as a woman looks very beautiful with yellow hair, why would she want to change her hair to blue? Be reasonable, look at your face and we are sure that you can choose the best color for your face and for your skin. For example, lots of women insistently cover their beautiful foreheads with forelock, but according to her face’s shape, maybe another hairstyle would look much better on her.


best cornrow braids to try in 2017

Anyway, hair is like the identity of the woman. You have to do your hair every morning. But if you think that even if you try so hard, you think you are still not beautiful, it means that it is time for a change. Why don’t you make a change and change your hairstyle. There are dozens of hairstyle that you can apply to yours. For example, it can be seen that braids will be the best trend of the 2017 year. And one of the most searched and asked hairstyle is seems to be the cornrow braids hairstyle, which we often see on beautiful black women. They are naturally born to appeal to this hairstyle aren’t they? And there are dozens of versions of cornrow braids. But do you think that it will fit to you? We strongly recommend you to think twice before making a decision about your hair. As you know, it at least takes two months to change it look. But if you are just interested in how to do it, you will be informed well than anywhere in this article which we have prepared for you, to offer you the best. Learning how to do cornrow braids will be so much fun, as it requires handicraft, remember that it also requires some imagination. You have to see the next step, see how the hair will look at the end. These are very important details. Because this cornrow braids hairstyle may be difficult and once you finish a row, you will need to finish the whole style because each step is connected to each other. And if you fail to do this cornrow braids hairstyle, it will be a waste of time, as it will be very hard to do the hair from the beginning. Anyway, if you are ready for the cornrow braids hairstyle which we think that will be the best trend of the next year, let’s look at the instructions.


cornrow braids styles 2017

Cornrow braids hairstyle doesn’t only require handicraft. It also needs some imagination to do. It may be even hard to do but you can be sure that it is worth it. Your hair will be amazing when you complete this hard job. The first thing you have to do is to imagine what your hair will look like when the job is done. Try to create an image in your mind; it is your first step to take at the beginning. Imagining your goal will create some ideas in your mind, about where to start, where to end, how wide, how tight. We recommend you to start with four or six lines from the front to the back of your head.


red cornrow braids styles for 2017 season

After you have decided where you will position the rows, let’s think about will they go straight, or will it be better if they are curved? Decide which one you choose and you should keep in mind that the thinner you decide them to be, the more rows you will need to do. So we recommend you to start with four to six rows so it won’t be very hard to do.


cornrows half crown braids

Later, it is the most important thing that, you must wet your hair before you start. It is very important because you need to adjust the tension that keep the rows together, if you wet your hair too much, it expands, and it will contract after it dries and cause you to have so much pain on your scalp. If you don’t want to fail this, you need to make sure that your hair should be slightly damp, not too wet. You can use pure water or detanglers to wet your hair. But remember, not too much!


braids hairstyles for black women

At this point, you have to part your hair to determine where the first row will begin. Hold the sides of the hair in two pigtails to create a path which is going through the back of the head. After you have opened a clear path by holding and dividing the two sides of the hair very carefully, take some hair from any of them and start the rows. But it is very important that the hair must not remain dry during this process, otherwise you will have a lot of pain. And don’t take much hair because it may cause you to pull harder especially when it’s close to the hairline.


best cornrow braids which are split

If you have done all of these, you nearly got it. Anyway, let’s start cornrow braids. Separate the first part you take into three strands. Then you have to make some normal braids to get it started. This normal braid will hold the strands together and ease your job. Then you have to pass the right piece under the middle, the left piece under the middle, the right piece under the middle, and the left piece under the middle. Then start the cornrows. Create your braid with merging it completely until it turns into a thick single strand. And repeat this process over and over again until the end. But make sure that each row is in the same size, otherwise your hair will be ruined. And don’t forget to adjust the tension. So your cornrow braid hairstyle is ready. You are now ready for 2017 with your beautiful cornrow braids hairstyle. You will make sure that you will shine out and you will enjoy each eye staring at you this time.

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