2016 2017 Hair Colors Trends For Brunettes

At one point, it was believed by many women that blondes were the ones to have all the fun when it comes to hair. However, it this modern day and age, these brunettes beg to differ against such a statement. Brunette hair colours have had a reputation over the years of astonishing even the most inclined hair fanatics and hairstylists. Given their wide array of tones and shades, many find them refreshing and that’s why most of Hollywood’s celebrities’ hairstyles more often than not, are derived from brunette colours. It is said once a woman decides to go for a brunette look, the question of her going back blonde is really not much of an issue seeing that they hardly ever do.

The year 2015 was one of the better years for hair on a whole. So many styles were innovated and introduced to an ever craving public, while others were just a blast from the past with a modern twist which still had those in the world of hair asking for more. So in this area, there is always development and lots of experiments going on to keep up with the growing demand for versatility and functionality. Seeing that we are only just a few days into the year 2016, the list of hair colour for brunettes is prone to be altered as the year goes on. However, based on research and constant observation, you will be provided some information on hair colour trends for brunettes that finished the year strongly and are intent on doing even bigger and better things for this New Year.

Quite a few brunette inspired colours have a good chance of following up into 2016 with an even bigger impact. Seeing that brunettes range from a light brown to very dark brown and almost black shades, here are few of the hottest colours from that side of the spectrum.

Shiny Caramel Fudge – This particular colour comes with lots of body and adds a rich and glowing sheen to the hair, which in turn gives it a very natural look and feel.


Shiny Caramel Fudge Hair Color

Bronde – This is one of the most popular shades that are currently out now. More celebrities have been found gravitating to the subtle appearance of this colour. It can be described as a dark gold if you will that was blown with a chestnut brown finish.



Blonde Roast Coffee Highlights – This is another look that finished strongly in 2015. It was most seen in the late part of the fall season leading into winter. This particular shade is a tame, dark blonde with hand painted highlights and moderately light brown hair.


Blonde Roast Coffee Highlights

Spicy Chai Latte – This shade does wonders for a woman’s appearance and was found to be most worn in the last days of summer with fall on the horizon. It’s subtle and warm copper adds quite a bit on dark brown hair.


Spicy Chai Latte Hair Color

Subtle Dimension – This color is loved by many women, but more often than not, a lot can’t seem to make it just perfect enough for their liking. This shade is based with cool soft brown with a tad of wheat blonde for the highlights and for the lowlights relaxed honey beige.

There are hundreds more shades that could be added to this ever growing list. However, those listed a just a few of the top shades chosen by many celebrities and regular women alike. A woman should also bear in mind that when choosing what shade to give your hair, you should also take into consideration the many factors that present themself with every specific shade of hair.

There are certain shades of hair that fit certain types of women in relation to their make-up selection, eye colour and let us not forget about the tone of their skin. These factors may sound mediocre to most but on the contrary, they are very important and some of them have the ability to make or break the look that you are trying to achieve. Matching your hair colour with your skin tone should be a top priority when looking about your hair. By choosing that natural colour, that helps to focus and accentuate your best features which in turn will add to your overall beauty and glow and subsequently make you feel more confident in wearing your hairstyle proudly like you should.

Now that you are equipped with a bit more knowledge and also introduced to the lighter side of the brunette spectrum, let us hop over to the darker side which has various shades that are just as awesome as those on the corresponding end.


Subtle Dimension Hair Color

Brownie Delight – This shade has a way of standing out when applied correctly. This shade is a warm brown that has a rich dark chocolate sheen that does well for most skin tones.


Brownie Delight Hair Color

Fudgesicle Freeze – This shade did particularly well in 2015, and has the potential to remain one of the top shades on the brunette scale. It has a somewhat neutral look with golden toned highlights. More suited for a lighter skin tone and if your eyes are a cool hazel, that just makes it even a better choice.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Swirl – This shade is just a refreshing look for your ombre. Based with a dark chocolate visual, with caramel slowly revealing itself midway going down to end with swirls giving the hair a bouncy physique and brightening the face.


Dark Chocolate Caramel Swirl Hair Color

Chocolate Truffle – Given the name, there is no need to guess where the inspiration for this shade came from. It’s a dark shade of brown that is very shiny and reflective which makes the colour really pop.


Chocolate Truffle Hair Color

Chocolate Toffee – This specific shade gives a lighter look on dark hair if you will. It’s a mildly dark brown that is blown with a golden toffee shade.


Chocolate Toffee Hair Color

There you have it. The trends in hair colour for brunettes going into 2016. Be sure to remember the previously mentioned factors when selecting your shade of hair. With that said, go out and look your best.

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