New Trendy Purple Hair Highlights in 2017

Hair is the most attractive accessory for women. So they must follow hair trends as well as all the other trends. Shining hair colors are the most hit trend of recent years. Although only blond and similar hair tones come to mind, the shiny tones are not limited to these.

Especially, different hair tones dominate in recent years. Purple is the most trendy hair color of last year.

Try Purple Highlights in 2017

How can we tint the hair purple?

Many steps may be required during the process making because it is different from natural hair colors. First you have to open your hair tone a few tones from the original color of the hair. Then you apply the hair area with the help of hair dye you want to process. If you want to dye your hair endings, you can easily apply with the help of hair dye and comb. If you want to make this hair color at home, you may have a bit of difficulty because it requires a lot of processes. If you want to get a good result, you can get help from a specialist hairdresser.

Best Purple Highlight for You

Dark purple hair color: This hair color, which dark and black hair coloring women can achieve with an eye-catching appearance with the natural purple glow, makes your hair look thicker and more assertive.

Futuristic and rebellious purple hair colors: This color, which can easily be obtained by women with blonde hair, will bring you a perfect look with purple gleams. You will have more rebellious and fantastic hair. You can throw purple balayage between your hair for a more artistic and modern look, or even get this assertive look with two different hair tonalities.

Shades of Purple Highlights

You have to choose hair color according to the skin color.If your skin tone is bright, all the shades of this hair color can adapt to you, and you will be able to help you get a fresh, modern, stylistic look. If your skin tone is dark, it gives you a faded appearance. For this reason, the dark skin should choose darker purple hair color tones, so you can get a perfect, stylish and lively look. Although it gives a different look to your hair, these colors can damage your hair. It is impossible to have an unusual appearance with your worn out hair.

Therefore we must make a healthy appearance by doing necessary care of your hair. For example, the egg can be used for worn hair. Mix a few eggs and apply them from your hair roots to your hair endings. Make your head bun and put on a hair restraint.Once the egg is dry, wash thoroughly with a moisturizing shampoo and rinse. You can use an egg mask every 5-6 days until you get a certain improvement in your hair. After you massage your hair with olive oil or coconut oil and leave it for half an hour, your hair will be washed and your hair roots moistened. You can also use it to strengthen weaker hair.

Many products write moisturizer on the label. But in reality, these products only make your hair soft. Try to use products such as argan oil, natural olive oil, glycerin or shea oil. But stay away from shampoos that contain mineral oil and vaseline.


Heat is the method used to give a smooth shape. But of course, it is necessary to protect the hair against the damages caused by the fingers, hair curlers, hair straighteners. Use hair care products that protect your hair against heat when your hair is moist. If your hair is fine, drop the heat of the machines you use to shape your hair. Hair with slightly thicker wires is more resistant to heat than fine-wired hair.

Mayonnaise mask application is a very easy and effective mask. Broken and worn out by bringing the hair to the self. With the nourishing essences of the egg in the mayonnaise, it has the power to turn your hair back to its former strength. Depending on the length of your hair, you can stretch your hair completely by squeezing a pinch of mayonnaise into your hand. Keeping our hair separated from the pinch will ensure better nutrition. You can remove your mayonnaise mask from your hair by using warm water with your regular shampoo for about an hour. Regular use will be effective in two weeks.

Awesome Purple Highlights

Hair care advice on an edge, as much as hair care, the choice of outfits in the tone to reveal this color is also an important point. Purple haired women, because they have a hard and assertive hair color, they should pay attention to clothing selection. Every color with purple hair color it may not fit in, and it may distract you from your modern look and make it look ratty. The colors you choose at this point should be kept away from red, orange, yellow, light green tones whilst they can match with purple hair color of  black, white beige, brown, salmon, pink, dark green and turquoise colors. For example, if you are going for a stylish occasion, you might want a black mid-size dress, wavy hair and a natural makeup to put your hair in the foreground and look out for the night. You should definitely choose a nail polish in nude soft tones in your nails. With the eyes of the eyeliner, you just have to bring your hair to the foreground. Because too much party can get you an exaggerated look and move away from modernity. You can choose any of the knot or knitting models in your daily use and get a stylish appearance with a denim, t-shirt, and a natural makeup. If you are going to a rock concert, you definitely prefer a mini leather jacket, straight hair, leather tights and black hat. Thus, you can create vamp appearance.

You can apply all these hair, style and care proposals as you can apply purple hair coloring, as well as all hair colors and models. Being a stylist to create the difference, every woman who wants to see her beautiful should be brave and make differences. Do not forget your style is your awareness. You can make yourself happy with minor changes.

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