Summer Hair Tips for Women

Summer season is one of the seasons which create too much problems to women in terms of their hair and beauty. Of course we all love the summer season and we want to express our beauty in this season where everyone is full with joy. Let’s see what experts say about this season and your hair.

Hair color specialist Mohammed G of Salon B (four times named Hair Color Technician of the Year) has 8 priceless professional summer hair tips for you.

‘The Sun, the Sun bank, chlorine and sea water are worst enemies of your hair and your hair color ‘, says Aylin G of Salon B, ‘ and you have to protect your hair so well against. You can do this to the summer with healthy summer hair to get through and maintain your hair color’

Are you going to a day at the beach, go for a nice hat? That is still one of the best ways to protect your hair.Summer Hair Tips for Women

Create your hair before you pool or sea indented wet with tap water. In this way, your hair is already engorged with tap water and get chlorine water or sea water (both very damaging) less likely.Use a dry shampoo, especially if you just have a beautiful hair color. Of course, you have to wash your hair if it was up to a wash and you want to have fresh and clean, but do you want it a day racks use a dry shampoo. The less you wash it, the longer your beautiful Tan.

Remember to after exercise-running, playing to wash your hair. Sweat contains salt and that is harmful for your hair color. So after violent sweats, it is important to wash your hair.Use hair products with UV filters. They make a real difference in its quality and hair color, especially if you are on summer holiday.

Treat and protect your hair during a day at the beach with a hair mask. Do the mask at home in your hair and roll it into a bun on top of your head. You’ll get a wet look-like feeling where your hair also. Correct a chlorine water TURNED GREEN hair color with a tea glass almost-warm tap water in which you have solved a teaspoon BAKING SODA in. Do the solution over your hair or dep it in with a sponge to the green glow to get out (and let the ketchup which is said to be against a green glow helps this summer!). Keep the color in the holes. Is the green glow fades somewhat, was then the baking soda out with shampoo, followed by a conditioner.

Are your HAIR EXTENSIONS by the chlorine water greenish? Please correct that hair color than with hot tap water with two aspirins. Proceed in the same manner as above. Always wash your hair after a day by the sea or in the pool, even if it is not to a wash. Not let chlorine and sea salt in your hair. Take care of it after washing with a serum or other restorative hair product.

These tips from the hair experts will be really useful in order to complete your summer look with your beautiful hair and this is the main reason you should not neglect what they tell in this regard.

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