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Frosty, snowy, windy, cold days… The winter is coming and the collections are getting ready. Not to say that most of them are already filling the shops around the city. But what is in and out this season? What do the stylist advice and what are their choices for the winter to come?

If you are somebody who appreciates the good looks and likes following the last trends this article is a must read one.


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It is winter and of course you will need to combine a lot more than a shirt and a pair of shorts as you would probably do during summer. But this is not a reason to start getting devastated. On the contrary you will have plenty of fun shopping more and spend a great funny time creating tones of different combinations. After all you will need shirts, jumpers, skirts, trousers, jeans, coats, jackets, scarves, hats and berets, gloves, boots and whatever you can think of to keep yourself warm during the cold season. It is understandable that you might want to choose everything that makes you feel comfortable but comfortable doesn’t always mean trendy so you just need to have a look.

What models, which colors and materials, trousers or skirts…? What is going to determine the winter fashion?

Darker Colors but Shiny Tones

This season expect to see dark colors and jewel colors altogether. So maybe you will need to make sure having these pieces as parts of your wardrobe. A knee-length dark blue dress with emerald patterns upon would be a really nice choice to go to work or wear it when you go out for a coffee with friends. Imagine a pair of dark brown long high-heeled boots underneath and a brown knee-length, soft fluffy collared brownish coat to help you make the perfect combination. Be sure that you will be the center of attention wherever you go.

Dark brown, blue, black, dark green, dark purple… Emerald, ruby, sapphire, amber patterns and so on are a must-remember combo. It ‘s whether your dress, skirt, corduroy trousers, a jumper or a t-shirt it doesn’t matter but keep in mind that you will need to buy something with these tones to enrich your wardrobe.

As I mentioned it a little earlier I would like to tell you all about the most fashionable coat models of this winter. Hope the following suggestions will be helpful:


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The colorful appearance of the furs with different geometric designs is seen as a very distinct trend for both the bags and the coats.


The wind of the ’70s is everywhere this winter… A wooden buttoned coat is a really nice breeze from the past that will make you look trendy for the season.


Seasonal colors, bright patent leather / vinyl… seems like we are keeping to emphasize this season’s love for shiny tones.


Maybe not everyone’s favorite pattern but as each season has a leopard pattern with small details, this season as well has a leopard coat choice you can look at and use in any style!


Again and again colors harmony and vividness to make your season brighter. For each and every lover of colorful dynamic images … this might be just what you needed.


All the stylists and  brands were in the catwalk during the week to show off their best color choices and they managed to astonish us again. All you have to do is to choose the color that fits you best and you will be free to heat up the season with your sweet colored coat.


Does it sound inacceptable to your style? Well actually some change, for good of course, is the best to make a tasteful entry in this season’s fashion. Once more the ’70s seem to not have lost their importance when it comes to inspiring stylists over and over. Long or short, it doesn’t matter for as long as it keeps you  warm and makes the others throw their eyes on you with envy when you pass by.


trends skirts fall 2017 winter 2018


The most handy, useful, stylish and classy color for a coat. Try it to make a change and you will thank us for suggesting it.


Maybe some will say this is perfect for tall thin girls but I am telling you that for as long as you manage to wear it the right way you will look classy for instance. A piece your wardrobe shouldn’t miss this season.


Especially a good choice for fine ladies 😉 Cut to fit you and of course this is one of those models that apart from making you look superb will keep you comfortable as well.

What about shoes and boots?

Maybe you would remember last season’s trends. Well not a lot has changed except the fact that again this winter we want you to shine brightly and spread warmness during the cold days. Plain, high heels, fur … All the shoe types are used every hour of the day. We are leaving sneakers and ordinary boots apart because we don’t want to see ourselves follow the same style every year.

Mini heels, patchwork and different materials are surely very attractive. The neon stunning colors, as well as the sketches of the optic patterns surrounding the clothes are an inspiration for shoes and boots of this season. Furs and ornaments also took their place as accessories. So you will just have to combine your favorite colors according to our fashion suggestions.

Remember to check for dark colored boots as well. Especially if you have thin legs they will make you look even taller.

For very long coats remember that except long boots you can also choose a pair of nice ankle boots. Ankle boots as you will notice still remain fashionable. Besides the comfort they provide they will greatly complete your look and they are the kind of shoes that you can freely wear with jeans, skirts, dresses, long or short coats. This is our little trick to help you quickly achieve the look you want. Who said simple combos can not make you look stunning?

What are some other trends and what else should you know in order to accomplish your stunning looks?


One of the biggest trends in the winter of 2017 is probably the use of clothes  with emphasis on femininity. What seems to be mostly popular in this seasons’ catwalks is gender uncertainty. Masculine details that complete your trendy looks may be one of your preferences for a different appearance.


fall winter 2016-2017 fashion for long dresses


Does it sound strange or tasteless? Well, you might want to think again because this kind of combos will be again in this season. You know that you can easily combine a cream colored shirt with a black jumper and look astonishing in just a few seconds. Or an emerald throat sweater that perfectly suits your knee length wool blue dress, wouldn’t it be a good match?


This season’s most self-evident material is definitely velvet. Yes, you read it right, velvet. So when you go out shopping you don’t forget to check for a velvet piece of cloth. It can be a jacket, a dress, a pair of trousers or whatever you may like. Just don’t wear more than one piece of velvet cloth at once because that would make you and the others looking feel uncomfortable with softness and brightness it radiates.


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Suede is actually a trend from 2015 and as well a retro style of 70’s that inspired stylists this season too. One of the most practical and wearable fashion trends. Why not give it a try?


Our guess is that leather pieces are indispensable for this  winter season too. It will be exactly like this, especially the leather dresses are amongst  the pieces we will see a lot. If you find something that will fit you nicely it may turn to become one of your favorites.


The details of the cage, which make us move away  from the romance that usually lace would provide, will be quite in the front rows this season. This new generation of lace, which is a modernized version of classical lace we were used to, seems that will be with us for a while. Who knows maybe it could also be of good use if you want to set to work your boyfriends imagination some time 😉


chic fall winter 2016-2017 fashion


Maybe this may sound too punk style to most of you. But we are not telling you to dress up from your head to toes with metal. What we want is of course to help you look trendy all the time. What we mean is that you should from time to time enrich your looks. For example you can try metal accessories whether on your shirts, jeans or even as nice necklaces or stylish earrings. So you now know you can not exaggerate with metal.


Striped suits will be amongst your favorites this season. Because as you already may know wearing a suit has been a trend these last years but it turned into a classic as soon as the stylists came up with the stripes idea. If you want to hear a suggestion from us you can try to buy from Miramax’s products.

Hope we were of some help with this article. And if you liked our suggestions just keep following us. And of course keep looking after yourself and remain always stylish and trendy.


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In the event that you will keep up with these trends it will be possible for you to look beautiful without the need of paying too much effort to do so.

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