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Hi ladies! We are going to talk about Autumn/Winter fashion that you need to know something about it for sure. What will we wear during the Autumn / Winter 2016-2017 season? Will new pieces come into our wardrobe? Will we have to spend old pieces in revision? What piece of fresh style do we need? That’s all there is to it and more. As you know as a woman we always want to have differences in our lives. Women always want different styles in their lives. One day you wear something another day you do not want to wear this. This is our daily routine as an elegant woman. Since the ancient history, women had been always loved about fashion. Some day you see some women who wear something is different for you and another day you need to have this piece of cloth on you. This is not enough what you wear but also you should make it fit on you. This is the part which is hard as a woman. What you wear is completely determinant is your life for instance when you are at your job, at home with your partner, when in the streets like everyone is looking for you. A woman should always care about what she is wearing. It determines what your situation in your social lives. Let’s think about it. You are wearing a hovel clothe on you and you are in the streets, what would people seem on you? Of course they will pass through. Here you have some tips about wearing dresses in fall and winter seasons!


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We start with colors to quickly browse the trends of the new season! 2016-2017 Autumn / Winter color trends seem to satisfy both those who love vivid colors and those who love minimal shades. First, the dominance of baby blue and pastel pink, which Pantone declared as the official color of 2016, continues in the upcoming winter season. It would not be wrong to say that the pastel colors will be stamped on the winter trends of 2017. There are also many colors shouting “I am here”.

The ambitious colors are going to take place in Autumn/Winter season. Such as emerald green, dark red, fuchsia, cobalt blue. Also, black will be one of the mostly used color. Women who love wearing black are going to be very happy about this. Most of the tones of blue are used as much as khaki green. If you like using romantic colors, lilac, lavender and dusty cedar will be there for you. The self-confident woman’s earthy tones are on the rise. Earth shades that you can combine with vibrant color accessories and dark shoe and handbags will save our lives. We can not give up blue and cobalt blue. From underwear to cocktail handbags, blue tones will be the dominant colors of this year.

Dresses and blouses will dominate the Victorian look. The nostalgic breezes we have seen in fashion trends for years, this year with lace. As different fabrics are combined with lace details, only the lace will change the air in pieces. The lace, which is deep and deep in the shade of the velvet, is modestly among the trends of the season. This ultra feminine and seductive fabric, when introduced in France for the first time, never covered an entire outfit. In this sense, you can use lace with delicate details instead of lace all over. The lace we see only at the invitations is now part of the street fashion.


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Forget the rule that the use of pattern overlay is wrong: This year is their year: be ready for every kind and every color.

We have bad news for perfectionists; Symmetry is far from being a trend anymore …

Designers have long put symmetry into a ‘boring’ class. You do not have to look like a mathematical equation anymore. Asymmetric skirts, and one-shouldered pieces await you.

The corset trend is very striking and eye-catching. In fact, the cushion used on flying handbags can be called the main element of the fabric trend. We are familiar with the use of outer shells in the front seats so that we are used to turning women’s body lines into hourglass shapes and to hide the excesses inside the clothes. Apart from dresses, it is possible to see them on the shirt, on the sweater and even on the blazer jackets as a kind of accessory.


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If you are a fan of leopard pattern, you can wear it all winter because it is back! Not just with clothes, you can also use it on accessory. Another trend of the year is velvet. It is very hard to use and combine but it is also very majestic. You can use metallic accessory with velvet dresses which makes your look way more elegant.

I am really hard at being neutral when it comes to betting about midi skirts. I love Midi skirts and they are so popular. During the Autumn / Winter season of 2016-2017, midi skirts with silk fabrics will be preferred. These skirts will even be combined with leather blouses or thick cozy tricot designed from thicker material. Some modest and sexy midi skirts will be your favorite pieces of this season in your everyday wear.


trendy dresses fall 2017 winter 2018

The furs are definitely on the top of the trend list; Moreover, by going out of classical colors.You can use greens, purples, any color you like. Looks like the size that matters in furs. The bigger, the better.

Also, masculine outfits are going to be very popular this winter. You can use ties, vests and shirts to make your outfit look more interesting. Because this winter, wearing one piece is going to give its place to wearing multiple combinations. One of the details that seized fashion is suede designs. It can reflect both a bohemian style and a feminine elegance.

Metal reflections and sparkle are everywhere. Silver, bronze and gold tones are about to take over the fashion. These designs we saw in fashion shows this year are quite remarkable.

Ladies, get rid of your narrow jackets. Because this year is going to be the year of comfort. Say hello to the thick and soft coats that will warm you during the cold winter days. Most of the famous fashion brands used these coats on their fashion shows.

Here come the leather pieces again, in sexier forms. Patent leather is very popular with its own shiny and wet look. Especially in brown, black and pastel colors. You can combine your mini dresses with your long coats.


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High waist pants, casual or not, are going to be very remarkable for the winter. They are easy to match with shirts and sweaters. They look vintage and instyle at the same time which makes them more interesting.

Velvet is back! Fabric itself looks very nostalgic which makes it more fabulous. Who said you can not be elegant and cosy at the same time? Velvet is a miracle that is sent for women.

Since summer, it is fashionable to dress in layers. You can wear t-shirts or sweaters under long dresses. Or you can combine a denim shirt with a knitwear. This way, you can be protected from cold and also look very in style.

Some people say, 80’s are back. Our wardrobes are going to be full by 80’s glamorous dresses. The big shoulder jackets are also popular which became the symbol of 80’s. And we are going to see a lot of cowboy girls on the streets. With tassels, suede and cowboy boots, every day is going to be a fashion show!


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Cold and snowy winter days play our house again. I mentioned separately from winter trends, suggesting many clothes that you can use on these cold days until now. For the ones who can not decide what to wear at the beginning of the week, what to wear when I open the closet, I have drafted a style recommendation for the winter that I compiled from trends.

We are yet to start a new year. We are making many new decisions in the new year, and we hope for the good news that is waiting for us. There is no doubt that we need to leave behind the old ones in order for the innovations to come. Why don’t you try to recreate your clothes or create a new style for yourself in these innovations? In fact, it was one of my aims when preparing the writing of the style recommendation for winter. So, you have to have a lot of ideas about how to go over trends and how to reflect these trends to our styles. For example, how can we use book jackets (which can be called a college jacket), which we are not used too much to use, and what are the prominent choices in accessory selection?


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Color Combination Recommendations for Winter

1- Tile Color and Olive Greenery:

During the past few months, we have seen a couple of color tiles in the fashion week and the olive green tile. The two most popular color suites are the mıdır season, as these two colors are also popular among the two. You can easily combine the different shades of these two colors. So we are very used to using a military green park like this one with a tile-colored shirt, sweater will be beautiful. Do not forget that you can also use colors in your accessories. Olivia Palermo is certainly the person who brought this duo together.

2- Navy and Mustard:

Although it is one of the dark blue classics, the mustard season is another of the trend colors. Get ready to see mustard almost everywhere from nail polish colors to shoes, coats, scarves and berries.

We will see that mustard comes not only with navy, but with many colors, such as green tones and yellow tones. Moreover, it is similar to the autumn and winter months, not to mention the 2017 spring-summer season.


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3- Mustard, Brown and Navy Blue:

There’s a triple, not a double. Actually, it is not unusual for them to come together. But for those who want to combine more than two colors in combos, it is the most popular color combination of the year.

4- Soft Pink and Gray:

I am not someone who can use vibrant shades of pinkness, but the more natural soft pinks like this one, the dusty rose. You can easily combine this color with the shades of light like light gray, smoke gray. This year we see that the pink colors are also combined with dark colors such as black and navy blue. But I think that the dark colors lead to a very hard transition with this soft pink. That’s why I like to use it in the light tones like myself. I also suggest that you try this color with green shades like military green, olive green. Finally, soft pink clothes, shoes especially velvet fabric, but very trendy …


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5- Gray and Yellow:

As you know gray is one of the classic colors of autumn and winter months. In fact, you can combine gray with many colors. However, the seasonal gray is combined with the popular pair of yellow and mustard colors.

6- Dusty Rose and Burgundy:

Fall and winter without Bordeaux are unimaginable! Here’s what I just said: I do not like to combine the dark colors with the light-soft colors, so I do not mean the sideboard! Pembenin is a very good complement … Besides these two, you can easily add gray, navy or olive to make a 3 color combination.

7- Blue, Bordeaux and Brown:

In particular, more vibrant shades, such as the glass of the blue, look great in harmony with burgundy colors such as coffee. You can also easily combine this bluish tile with the same color. On the other hand, natural soil tones should not be forgotten.


popular women trends for 2017

Lingerie: Almost every winter, knee-highs are becoming fashionable. Especially, the model which covers the legs like socks is preferred because it reveals the female silhouette more beautifully. What if we do not have a knee-high? Especially young people here are helping up the knee-high socks. As with short boots, you can use it with sport shoes. Moreover, it does not have to be the same color as the shoe. You can use the white sneakers and the gray socks to make the opposite corners.

Slip dresses: We can count among the dress models that we are not used to using very often. These combine-style thin hangers are often used in street fashion by pairing with thick cardigans or sweaters.

Suits: We can say again that the trend of wearing a suit is the same color from top to bottom. To keep up with this trend, you do not have to use trousers and jackets from classic fabrics. Winter trendy wool pants and the same high-gloss sweaters can be fitted.


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Knitted dresses: One of the most popular combinations of the year is knit dresses made by yourself or mother-ancestral knit dresses and knee-high dresses.

Short trousers: The short trousers, known as the Culottes, start in the summer of 2015 and continue in popularity in 2016 fashion. You can get a lot of information about this outfit that is not suitable for every body type, which you need to be very careful about when you wear it.

Omzume open-tops: These are the tops that should be preferred by those who want to draw all attention to the upper region of the body. Not only in blouses, but also for sweater models in winter, you can also use tops with shoulder blunt or shoulder blades.


new fashion 2017 fall winter

Bomber jackets: As I mentioned at the beginning, the bomber jackets, which we are not used to wearing very much, are coming out with more feminine forms. You can also use it with mini dresses, trousers, boots or boots with attention to detail, brooches or armor.

Striking handbags: The striking colors, especially in the handbags, are still making them one of the popular accessories.

Belts: On top of the mantle, on top of the sweater, on the dress … One of the most important in the style proposal for winter, especially to complete the style with thick and striking arches.

Throat sweaters: Winter can not be silk without throat sweaters that will keep warm in winter months. Especially long models can be used as sweaters, knee-top gowns and combos that create alternatives combine them with fashion never put them in the past.

Vests: Vessel versions of trench coats or winter vest jacket models made of thick wool fabric should be among your choices for winter style. All you need for a winter jacket with such a vest jacket is a jeans, a throat sweater and a boot on your knees.

Large line patterns: In all the patterns, there are big lines that stand one step forward in creating winter style. Here you can also find trendy details of the line pattern that needs to be used with caution.

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