Teen Girls Clothing Trends 2017

The fashion of young girls called “teen agers” in fashion is very important. Because being a style owner starts in this period. In fact, the point at which all the work begins is this “teen age” period.

Topics such as welding hair, nails, hair dye, prostheses, exaggerated make-ups start at these ages. But at this age, young girls should make themselves more natural. In their early years, these clear beauties will not stay, they will change their fresh beauties with too many heavy ornaments and make-up.If you start to make up at a young age, if you try to grow quickly, the danger of aging will develop in the future.Families should be careful about young girls and steer them in the right way. Topics like nutrition, sports, culture and art, theater, cinema are important. A young girl who is well fed, sporting and cultured has almost no need for makeup to be beautiful. Moreover, the savings to be made in these years will be useful for life.


Colored, narrow-cut dressers, narrow skirts should be worn at these ages. You can wear bright pink, purple, mauve colors, patterned things if you like. There are plenty of accessories available for young girls. Bags, hats, belts, buckles, crowns can be used abundantly. Of course, the joy created by them should not be forgotten to be on the inside and cheerful.I do not recommend dark colors for young girls. If you want you can choose clothes that will make you feel like Barbie. Even if you do not have any make-up and just smile with your smile, it might show you beautifully.Those who are dressed in dresses can also be worn, and the ones with the bow in bets can also be used.However, “teen age” should not be perceived as only colorful clothing.Darker colors may also be suitable for young girls.


Chiffon, patterned dresses must be in your wardrobe. Choose casual, colorful and moving, different ones instead of jewels made of expensive metals. Remember that this is the period of your style. You are trying to find your style during this period. Do not hesitate to try for this reason.


Style Suggestions For Teen Girls

1- Bell Sleeve Sweater Models: In fact, we can call it one of the new fashion sweater models for bell sleeve sweaters. We focus on the arms without regard to details such as throat, flat collar, round collar, thick, thin, oversized.

In fact, it can be looked at as a continuation of fashion, starting with frilly arms. When you want to wear a jacket or coat on top of these mini-skirts, you can wear underneath the skirts, underneath the dressers. You may not feel comfortable in the booth with the arms of the beanie if the beanie arms are to be worn. So what you wear on top of what you wear with these sweaters is what matters. Finally, we must already say that this bell sleeve fashion is not limited to sweater models.


2- Ruffle  Sleeve Sweater Models: I do not think the ruffles are clothes for which he has not found himself. Dresses, skirts, bridal gowns, I mean the winter months are not the sweaters. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, fashion sweater colors, fashion sweater cuts, different sweater details are more prominent. Most importantly, different arm cuts … Thanks to these details, you can easily wear these jumpers even on Christmas parties

3- Extra Long Sleeve Sweaters: The long sweater arms that cross your fingers are also the latest models with arm detail in the 2017 sweater models. Although it is obvious that such long arms will be difficult to use, fashionable fashion!

Teen Girls winter-2017-fashion-trends

4- Oversized Sweaters: One of the most used sweater models of this year is sneaky sweaters … Besides being comfortable in it, there are actually many combinations.

5- Pink Color Sweaters: One of the colors that stands out in 2016 and, of course, especially in the 2017 sweater fashion is pink. Especially pastel pink sweaters are among the most used pieces by bloggers.

6- Metallic Color Sweaters: We are now accustomed to using metallic colors, which are more glowing appearances, in our combos. Although we have overestimated the use of metallic color recently when we say shoes, padded skirts, if you want to create a stylish sweater style, you should definitely consider metallic color sweaters. In fact, we have to add the sweaters with this granite sequins and stamp details. Because they are just like metallic colors, details that make us think that we can only use everyday jerseys.


7- Turtleneck Sweater: It is actually one of the classic sweater models, throat sweaters (or turtleneck sweaters). This year we can say that half of the fisherman sweaters are prominent. If you are a high fisherman and you have long hair, you can put your hair into it and apply it to the styling of the most popular way of use of the year.Throat collar or so-called turtleneck collar … Throat collar blouse, sweater, and even dress selection can be made for everyday use, office style, and even night style.

8- Slippery Sweater Models: These sweater models, which are usually side-by-side, were the most prominent detail of the 2015-2016 winter season. It is not only jeans but also sweater models that you can create a bohemian style by cutting midi or combining with long skirts.

Teen Girls 2017-fashion-trends

9- Short Sweater: Another classic model of the sweater is short sweaters. Of course, you can only use it as a sweater. However, long shirts and blouses worn inside this year are quite trendy.

You can use long jackets as clothes.

This is actually one of the options that come closest to us. If you have a thin, long trench coat, jacket, you can catch the same trend with jeans you will wear under them. Obviously, they are especially suited to use as fine suede, chamois, and jackets, body, and dress. Of course, you will close the front of your jackets and you will also wear a stylish belt. It will be enough to get a long overcoat in winter months.

Use shirt clothes.

One of the most worn pieces we wear the jeans shorts or just as a dress in summer is a shirt dressing. Their popularity does not look like the past. It is also possible to see that when you visit brands such as Zara and Mango, they are long shirt dresses prepared for autumn. Here you can easily use these shirts dresses with jeans. Similarly, it is possible to use long sweatshirts for the same purpose.


10- Two Colored Jeans: These two-color jeans may come as unfamiliar to us because they have a style that we are not used to at first. But I want to talk about why these two colored jeans should be. Once you can not decide between light or dark tone, you do not have to choose because of these jeans.On the other hand, if the distinction between the two tones is coming down from above, and if the dark part is on the sides of the legs, it will help both the legs look longer and help the legs look thinner. In fact, this may seem like a simpler version of the patchwork-patch trend. You can get a good look, especially with straight cuts and non-tight jeans. On the other hand, of course, this trendiest not only to think of jeans. You can also follow this trend with jeans shirts and jackets

11- Cut Jeans: Another highlight of the jeans is the cut, twisted pants, one of the autumn trends. When you get jeans you only need to do it if you are having trouble with your neck just cut it. It’s enough when you get the spade out a bit and get the spiders out. Moreover, this applies not only to skinny or boyfriend jeans but also to wide jeans. We recommend you use it with a, particularly striking heel shoe after making the trunks fit trendy. So you will have attracted attention. You do not need to buy a new pair of jeans to keep up with this trend. You can also cut off a leg of your existing one.


12- Short Spanish Trousers: This Bermuda does not mean that Spanish jeans can become a trend everyone can, unfortunately! It is useful to leave these trousers to the tall. Because the cut and the size have the effect of showing you as short as you are. If you do not want to testify, we recommend you to combine it with a bot-boot in the same color as your pants during the autumn-winter season. Thus, you will have removed the color differences that cut your leg neck.

13- Wide Trousers: These models, sitting on the waist and the hip, bell-shaped from the bases to the bottom down. Although some of them are much wider than others, they usually have at least as wide a piece as to close your shoes.
If you are not tall, do not even think about wearing these pants with plain shoes. Heels and even high-heeled shoes with a platform to wear your shoes.Also if you stay with your legs, especially your bases and thighs, make sure that you carry the risk of looking as wide as you can, and decide whether to wear it or not. And if you think that your legs are short, prefer low waist, high specific models.


14- Long Denim Jacket Models: When we need to buy one in Jean jacket models, it usually comes to mind just above the rump. We do not think much longer. But the upcoming autumn-winter jeans trends will remind us how cool the long denim jacket models are. It will be possible to see long denim jackets sitting on the belly next to the straight descending cuts and wrapping the body. Frankly, I think these jackets are more sophisticated and cooler than short ones. Especially if you can find a model with tiny tears that looks a bit worn like this one!

15- Mom’s Jeans: We were seeing the traces of 90s fashion, especially in jewelry and accessories. It is possible to say that we are gradually beginning to see the effect in clothes as well, one of the examples is mom jeans-mother jeans. High waist, not narrow but not very abundant, has a cut that follows your body lines, which you are quite comfortable with. Once I like this cut and this jeans model, I assure you that you will not give up easily. By combining these jeans with a frilly blouse, belt, and boots, you can get a trendy look.


16- Black Jeans: As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, these are the only ones that stand out among the jeans. So you can easily customize what you have in the market to a few trends there. Finally, I wanted to give a trendy place that I think almost every woman is already in the locker. Black tight jeans – cypress skinny jeans … We know well that black is a perfect way to hide your excesses from appearing weak. So this trend is exactly what we want! In the meantime, we can include black jeans jackets with a slightly worn look on the jeans too.

17- Denim Vest: In fact, jeans that increase their popularity as a summer trend seem to last this autumn and winter season as well. Because sweatshirts sweat shirts are indispensable to be a serious candidate.

18- Charming Choker Necklace Trendy: Choker necklaces, which are their favorite of the 90’s, will continue to be the most popular team for a long time. The differences from their present form will be more striking, more flashy. It’s not just the stones, beads, or the size of the top, but the different models, forms, and so on.


19- Postal: Accessories of the 90s, trends of the 90s … Fashion always repeats itself, the difference is just the tendency to adapt to the modern year. Here are the postal bows, just like this. It is possible to see postal design in almost every brand’s collection this year. Moreover, it is very fashionable to combine these boots, which are more rebellious, rocker appearance, with the clothes.

20- Velvet Boots: Velvet fabrics have remained on the backplate for many years. By the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, they are literally living in the golden season. However, the use of velvet fabrics as a garment is particularly difficult. Especially if you want to look weak. Because the structure of the fabric will require your body to be thicker. For this reason, I use the velvet that I have always said in my accessories since it is velvet fashion.Bag, necklace, hair band, the most striking thing is undoubtedly velveted boots or velvet. But I warn you about velvet drawings. Since the scapegoat will wrap all your legs, your legs may be thicker. So definitely use your choice for velvet boots.Especially if you buy a velvet boat in navy, burgundy, smoked or earth tones, you can use it with almost any outfit.

21- Different Heel Models: In fact, by the summer of 2016, we were beginning to encounter striking shoes with extraordinary heel models. In this fashion, we can say that boots and sketches have also jumped. Transparent heels, heels in different colors, marble heels, heels decorated with pearls-stones, metallic heels … The choice is pretty much actually. In this type of heels, it is often the case that thick short heels being worked on.

new Teen Girls clothing trends

22- Wild Animal Print Boots: It is also fairly popular for wild animal print boots like leopard patterns or snake skin patterns. These types of patterns are highly classical or feminine, but they are candidates to become particularly starved pieces of masked combos or daily combos. Be careful to keep the rest of the comb as simple as possible so that you can draw on boots that have these patterns.

23- Laced Boots: It is also a fashion which is inspired by the shoes we see very often in the summer months and carried in winter. When I said lace-up sweaters and boots, he jumped. When you choose these types of boots, it is useful to choose the simpler and less distracting parts in the rest of the combination, since there is enough movement on the boot.

24- Buckle Boots: A couple of seasons is one of the models that almost every brand works with these buckets. Obviously, new fashion is no, but it is still preferred so we find our place in our list.

newest fashion trend for teens girls

25- Flower Motif Boots: Designed with extraordinary motifs … We can say that the finely decorated flower motifs on the fabric are adorned with boots. Just like the motifs we are under the influence of long.

26- Sheepshead Bream Stiletto Boots: In particular, take one of the laced models and add it to your closet. It’s one of the boot models you will never get past and you can wear it until it’s old.


27- Lap Boots: Velvet, suede or leather. No matter what your preference, lap boots never goes out of fashion. But if the leg is not long, I do not recommend you to wear lap boots. If you think you want to wear it, you should definitely choose heels.

Are you ready to renew your wardrobe after all these suggestions?

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