Fall and Winter Dress Trends and Clues for Large Sized Women

All among the history, you can clearly see woman’s importance. Just think about it. Women are teemful; they are creative, attractive and mostly clever. They can figure out everything. In house, in job, in nature. Women are really close to nature. That’s why they really care about their bodies and their appearance. Because, that is the only way to keep a man and having a relief and happy family. So, you might not understand women. But there is no problem because, women know how to live their lives and they had already got used to this situation.

Every part of the body of women is important. Because, body itself is a total design. For the sake of example, one of the most important parts of the body is hair. This is important because everybody sees you hair in the first instance. It is very important to choose a style that will look perfect on you. After choosing your style that perfectly fit on you, you should think about the colors. You should choose some colors which are go with you very well. And body shape is very important, too. You need to act like you know your body shape, colors and your style.


ideas about winter street styles for oversize women

Now that I mentioned about body shapes, I should completely say that whatever your body shape is, it is yours. You should get used to the way thinking. You absolutely should be at peace with your body’s character. Only this way, you can have a brilliant life. The opposite way of thinking will disturb you and make you unhappy all the time. So, take a breath and love yourself. As we will mention in this article, whether you are a large sized woman, there is clearly not any problem at all. We will show you how to dress yourself and feel comfortable.


ideas about plus size women for fall

What you wear is really determent in our lives. You go to the job, a dinner, a date, a shopping center or even if you are walking along the street, everybody takes care about other people’s wearing.  The part that you will read will give you some clues about your daily life of wearing. But at first, we also need to talk about large sized woman body types. Woman body types are countless as you guess. But we will talk about the most common woman body types. If you know your body, dressing will be no longer a trouble to you anymore.

Tulip body type (Triangle): If your shoulders are narrower than your hip, your body shape is Tulip. Points that you should care; By creating a large shoulder line, you must achieve balance in your silhouette by revealing the upper segment and reducing the emphasis of your lower tomorrow. So, shrinking the basal part and bringing the upper décolleté region to the fore can translate you into a woman with a completely different ideal body.


fashion ideas for overweight women

Lilium body type (inverted triangle): If your shoulders are wider than your hip, your body shape is Lilium.

Points you should pay attention to; It should be to narrow your shoulders and broaden your hips so as to fit in with your wide shoulders and bring out more of your waist.

Orchid body type (Hourglass): If you have approximately the same size and distinct waist of your shoulders and hips, you have the Orchid body type.

You need to pay attention for these; it should be to emphasize the tenderness of your waist due to the ratio of your shoulders and your hips…

Daisy body type (Square): Your shoulders, waist and thighs are about the same size. You have no waist.

You need to pay attention; we should take your eyes off your shoulder, waist and hip and draw your attention to your legs. You must pay attention to balance in the body.


how plus size women must wear in fall

Today, with the constantly changing fashion, different and creative models have been manufacturing. For example, suits for large sized women are quite fashionable in America at the moment. However, in which clothes you are wearing if you feel comfortable and happy is the best thing you should do yourself.  Do not give up until you find the perfect fit for yourself. In this article you will find some clues that how great-sized women can look more beautiful.


2017 fall oversize women trends

Use the right bra. A bra is one of the most essential parts for a woman’s wardrobe. If you have a large size and big breasts, you should prefer braced bras. For more information about bras, you can get help from various internet sites.

Usually choose V-neck clothes. A shirt with a V-neck dress allows you to look beautiful.  When choosing these types of clothing you should be careful about choosing the color that matches your skin’s color tone.  You can choose long sleeved V-neck sweaters in autumn and winter seasons.


ideas abou curvy fall fashion

Wear oxford bags trousers. It is one of the most important clothes that should be found in a woman’s wardrobe in wide panties and oxford bags trousers. The trousers that you will have should be exactly fin on you and you should feel comfortable when you wearing. If you want to seem thinner you should choose dark and intense colors which are brown, black or navy blue.

Choose the shoes that suit you. In winter, some high heels and pointy toed shoes are suitable for you. You should quickly have some of them. Boots and long heeled shoes allow you to look thinner.


plus size fashion

Add a jacket or a coat to your wardrobe. If the weather is cool or cold, you might look more attractive with a jacket or coat that will suit you.

Buy accessories that will match your clothes. Complete your clothes with accessories such as bracelets, brightly colored scarves, trunks, and buckles.

Make sure that these accessories reflect your personality and make you look good. Now here you have some extra clues for you as a large sized woman! Make sure you read these clues carefully. These are important points for your daily life.


tips for plus size fashion

10 main rules to solve large sized women’s problems:

1) Trust yourself

You may be a large sized woman or your regional surplus may be bothering you. But it is not something you will be ashamed for. You are not going to lose weight; you are going to ask for your health first. You will see how your confidence will rise when you close the areas that bother you and wear your favorite areas to the fore.

2) You know your body

Your job is to always define your body.

We gave flower’s names to the four body types that entered the world liturgy.

First you can determine which body type you are suitable for and then you can have your imagination with the appropriate combinations.


ideas about plus size clothing

3) Wear the correct underwear

Have you ever thought of your mind that you will be much cooler with lingerie that you will wear? The right clothes you wear will provide you with a much better float. So it would be beneficial for you to choose the right clothes for your body and to be collective.

4) Wear your own body size

This is the biggest mistake of the large sized women. We know you think the way somehow or other i will get rid of my extra kilos. And you pay for the clothes that are smaller sizes. Or the opposite way we know you think: I should pay for the clothes which are bigger size than mine, this way i can hide my extra kilos. Both ways of thoughts are completely wrong. The truth is that you prefer the models sitting in your body and sitting well on your body.

5) Avoid large patterned clothes

If we think about the fact that we are large sized women anyway, we can easily understand that it is pointless to show ourselves bigger with big designs. It looks like we have a little bit of scrim and small patterns. Like small flower patterns…

6) Believe in the power of accessories

Do not call it an accessory. But there are important points here, too. A lot of accessories like bags, necklaces, bracelets can be the savior for us. I have to say the first one already. Do not combine with a tiny bag. Use a little more medium size and big bags so that you have a more elegant style.


best trends for oversize women

7) Watch your hair model.

Actually, large sized women’s hairstyle is a very important point. If you use a model which shows your face type or even your face thinner, you will have a slight trick by drawing your face to the face.

8) Use the colors in the right places

We just do not have to wear black. Although we do not deny black miraculous fine-grained feature, we can combine it with colors. For example, your wrist is wide, your upper is thin. You can be very stylish with a dark colored trousers or skirt on the bottom and a patterned or colored blouse on top. The mystery in this place is actually an illusion. You took the eyes that staring at you to the colored area and made sure that the area you wanted to hide at the bottom was kept out of sight. You can apply this as you would like after evaluating your body honestly in front of the mirror and defective.

9) Choose low heeled shoes

Heeled shoes, we have to use them as large sized women, definitely. But here is a little detail for you. We should choose short and rounded heels. There is a high probability that a thin and long heel will break for a large sized woman. It is also not easy to walk with a high heel. We can be so cool with a heel that we can easily walk to make it look thinner and longer than our legs are.


2017 curvy fashion for fall and winter

10) Put drape & light lycra fabrics instead of coarse and thick fabric.

In fact, we can wear every fabric except the full lycra. Just, it is very important that only the fabric we choose is used in which model. Do not forget that the rough and thick fabrics you choose to cover excesses make you wider. Instead, you can show your body in much more form with draped and light lycra fabrics.

Remember, our slogan should be like this: I can be a large sized woman, but at the same time I am cool!

We thought that you also might need some advices about losing weight. Actually it is not that hard to make it. We know there is no problem to you to have some extra kilos but; there might be some health problems in the future of your special life. So you can take a glance at these clues, too. Enjoy!

The Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

There is a big difference between quick weight loss and healthy weight loss. For example, 4-5 pounds per week with shock diets actually helps to get rid of fat, which is the main goal of weight loss. Such diets are causing only loss of water and some muscle tissue. It is also almost guaranteed that the pounds given in shock diets will return soon. The fastest way to lose weight is by regulating your eating habits and consuming foods that have low calories but that are nutritive.


ideas about plus size outfits

Remove sugar from your life

The most important step that needs to be taken to lose weight is to remove the “empty calories” resources from the nutritional program. High calorie value but low nutritional value (vitamins, minerals, protein, fat free) are the biggest obstacles to losing weight. Sugar comes at the top of this list. Sugar from fresh vegetables and fruits is enough for our body, sugar from ready-to-eat foods and beverages finds 4-5 times what we need to get for a healthy diet. Today, almost 10% of the daily caloric intake among young people comes from sugary drinks. Moreover, these drinks have no contribution to the body. It is now known that addition of sugar is the main responsibility of lubrication of the waist region. However, the fact that sugar cannot lose weight or even lose weight does not come because it is only very high in calories. Research shows that excessive consumption of sugar leads to “leptin” hormone resistance, which tells us that we are full. So, as we consume sugar, we are getting older and our appetite is getting better. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should avoid from cakes, biscuits and other packaged snacks, diet or regular sodas, packaged fruit juices, cube sugar and all other added sugar sources. Many fruits naturally contain sugar. If you need sugar, you can eat fruits such as grapes, bananas, apples, pears (as a control).


best trends for plus size women

Nutritional Foods

High starchy foods such as bread, potatoes, pasta and rice, which are high in carbohydrates, can be an obstacle to your weight gain. I do not say that all starchy foods are bad, but there are 2 different types of starchy foods as “refined” and “natural” (simple and complex). For example, white bread enters the white rice refined carbohydrate class. The nutritional value of refined carbohydrates is quite low, they contain less nutrients and the feeling of satiety they create is shorter. In addition, these types of foods are digested very quickly, so they increase blood sugar in a short time. On the other hand, unrefined complex carbohydrates are digested more slowly and raise blood sugar more slowly.

More Protein

Protein-weighted feeding (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products …) instead of carbohydrates (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta …) gives you two key points in weight loss. In the first place, protein-rich foods prolong the feeling of satiety, avoiding the hunger crisis between meals, and allowing you to get fewer calories throughout the day. The second is that the protein accelerates the metabolism and helps to use the fat deposits in the body as energy source.


oversize women trends for 2017

How Many Calories Do I Have To Have A Healthy Weight?

It’s fast or slow, it’s important to lose weight, and the calorie you take from what you eat is rarely low. So you have to control the amount of calories that you have, both not to get weight and sto lose weight. The recommended daily calorie for a healthy body, balanced diet and ideal weight is 2400 for men between 19 and 31 years of age and 2000 for women of the same age. If you are exercising regularly you may need more calories. As the age progresses, the metabolism slows down and the calorie requirement decreases. So you can get 700-800 calories in a day to increase your weight loss rate. If you accept 800 calories less, you can give 800 × 7 = 5600, 1.5 per week, 6 pounds per month.

So here we share some important things about your daily life as a large sized woman. We hope that these clues are fit on you well.

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